From Nightmares to Sweet Dreams
By Dawn Yzaguirre

Part Two

Catherine soon entered the park. She walked briskly down the path leading in the direction toward the drainage tunnel. She noticed that the park was almost completely deserted. Most of the noon crowd had returned to work. As she reached the drainage pipe she looked around. When she did not see anyone looking at her she ducked and walked inside.

In his chamber Vincent was reading. He suddenly cocked his head when he heard the familiar tapping of the code Catherine used. Putting his book down he grabbed his cloak and ran out of his chamber to meet her. He knew that something was wrong he had felt her turbulent feelings all day.

When he arrived at the park entrance he opened the secret door. Catherine looked up at him as he stepped out of the tunnel. “Catherine my love what has happened?” Catherine began to cry and flew into his arms. Vincent held her tightly and gently rocked. “Oh Vincent I am so sorry.” Vincent couldn’t understand why she was apologizing to him. He moved slightly back and looked into her eyes. “Catherine you have done nothing to be sorry for.” She shook her head. “Yes Vincent I have I doubted you.” Vincent was very confused. “What do you mean you doubted me?” Catherine calmed down and moved away from him. “When you did not react happily to my wish to have a child with you I presumed that you did not want me to be the mother of your child.” Vincent moved forward and pulled her into his arms again. “Oh my love how could you ever think that?”

Then he leaned back and dried her tears with his thumbs. “Catherine the only woman I could ever want a child with is you.” He assured her. She nodded. “I know Jenny reminded me what Father and Peter told you about your metabolism.” She whispered. Vincent smiled. “So you and Jenny have been discussing our relationship?” He asked smiling.

Catherine smiled and began to explain. “She sensed that something was going on and called me to have lunch with her.” She began. “Then she told me that she knew that something wonderful had happened for us.” Catherine smiled. “I had to tell her about us becoming lovers or she would have never let me get out of that restaurant.” Vincent chuckled. “That sounds like her.” He whispered. Catherine nodded. “I then told Jenny about the other part that I was afraid that you did not want to have a child with me and she reminded me about what Father and Peter said.” Vincent embraced her. “Catherine I wish I could give you this gift.” He whispered. “Maybe I should not have bound you to me by making you mine.” Catherine lifted her head from his chest and leaned back in his arms. “Don’t say that, I am proud to be yours because I love you more than you can ever know.” Vincent nodded. “Yes but becoming my lover robbed you of ever having a child of your own.” She cupped his cheek. “Vincent I would never change that we now belong to one another.” She then leaned forward and kissed him.

As the kiss deepened Vincent moaned. Catherine smiled inwardly at how she was affecting him. When they finally parted both of them were out of breath. “Catherine can you stay below this afternoon?” She smiled. “Whatever for Vincent?” He caught the teasing in her voice. “I want to make love to you in my chamber.” He whispered. Catherine smiled. “Don’t you have other things you need to do?” Vincent suddenly swept her into his arms. “No my love the work crew could not go today so I am free the entire afternoon.” Catherine smiled slyly. “The entire afternoon huh?” Vincent smiled. “Yes and I intend to spend it in my chamber in my bed making love to you.” She shivered at the passion in his voice and the darkness of his eyes. “Yes my love that sounds like a wonderful idea.” Vincent then moved toward the secret lever. Catherine pushed it and the secret door slid open. He then captured her lips again in a passionate kiss and walked to his chamber.

When they arrived at his chamber he put her on her feet. “Let me put a lantern out and tap a message to Father on the pipes.” She smiled and nodded. “I will return in a moment.” He whispered. Then he kissed her again. She smiled as she moved away from him. “Go do what you have to do so you can come back here and make love to me all afternoon.” She whispered. Vincent smiled then left the chamber. Catherine quickly undressed and slid into the cool sheets of Vincent’s bed. She loved being in his bed. She smiled when she remembered how he took care of her while she was below after her attack. He was always so tender and loving to her while he cared for her. She loved him so much from that moment she soon realized.

Vincent returned and smiled when he saw that she lay in his bed waiting for him. He quickly closed the tapestry then removed his clothes. He moved over to the bed and slid into the bed beside her. Catherine smiled and snuggled into his arms. “What was your message to Father?” She asked as she caressed his chest. Vincent smiled and kissed her forehead. “I told him that you were with me in my chamber and that we were not to be disturbed for the afternoon.” Catherine lifted her head. “Won’t he wonder why?” Vincent smiled and shook his head. “No he will know exactly why.” He stated. She looked at him shocked. “You told him?” Vincent nodded. “Yes I talked to him this morning after I woke up I wanted to find out if his and Peter’s opinions about me fathering a child had altered.” He whispered. Catherine laid her head on his chest. “Don’t worry my love we have one another and that is what is the most important.” Vincent turned toward her and smiled. “Yes my love it is.” He whispered. Then he captured her lips in an extremely passionate kiss.

Catherine moaned as the kiss deepened. Vincent moved from her lips to her neck. “I have never wanted anyone as much as I want you Catherine.” He whispered as he kissed and nipped at the soft skin of her neck. “Not even Lisa?” Catherine asked as she moved slightly back. Vincent cupped her cheek. “Not even Lisa.” He agreed. “Catherine as you have pointed out to me we were both teenagers and any feelings we had for each other were due to the changes taking place in our bodies.” Catherine smiled at him. “I have always wanted you to see that.” She told him. Vincent smiled. “Well my love it took your love to make me see it for myself.”

Then he pulled her back toward him. “Now I am through talking for a while.” He growled. He then began to kiss her throat again. Catherine sighed happily. “Yes Vincent.” She whispered. Vincent moved down her neck and kissed her chest very gently. He then looked up to see that Catherine’s eyes were closed. He smiled and moved his mouth down until he came to her breasts. Her nipples were taut and waiting for him. Vincent wordlessly drew one into his mouth and began suckling. Catherine moaned with pleasure and buried her hands in his mane. “Yes oh Vincent yes!” She cried as her body came alive. Vincent released her nipple and moved to the other. He then took it into his mouth.

Catherine was on fire. She needed him. She shivered as she felt his hand slide down her hip then slip between her legs. Catherine gasped when he touched her. “Oh yes!” She cried out. Vincent released her breast and looked into her eyes. “Does it please you when I touch you this way?” He asked. Catherine could only nod her head. She noticed that his eyes were extremely dark with passion. “Touch me Vincent please don’t stop!” She begged. Vincent smiled again then he gently slipped two fingers inside of her. She moaned as she began to move her hips to meet the rhythm of his touches. “Does that feel good?” He whispered seductively. Catherine moaned with pleasure. Vincent smiled as he gently kissed her lips. “I love when you are ready for me this way.” He whispered against her mouth. “Yes I am ready for you.” She whispered. But Vincent shook his head. “Not yet my love.”

She protested when he slipped his fingers from her body. She then watched as he moved down her body. She smiled as she felt him kiss her flat stomach. Then she gasped when she suddenly felt his tongue enter her where his fingers had just been. “Oh God Vincent yes!” She cried. Vincent lifted her legs and put them over his shoulders. Catherine’s head was thrashing back and forth on the pillow as she clutched at the sheets. Vincent’s tongue was doing things to her that she had never imagined. She had never had a man make love to her in this way. All the men she had ever been with would have never loved her with their mouth in this manner. She could not believe how wonderful and sensual it was. She had dreamed of Vincent doing this but she would never have had the nerve to ask it of him.

Vincent moved away from her. She moaned in protest as he moved back up toward her mouth. “Did I please you my angel?” Catherine smiled and nodded. “Yes my love I never knew that type of love before.” Vincent was shocked. “You have never been loved that way?” Catherine shook her head. “No you are the only one who has ever done that.” Vincent smiled. “I am glad that I was the man to give you that pleasure.” He whispered. Then he kissed her. Catherine smiled as his tongue played against her lips asking for entrance. She opened her mouth and met his tongue with her own. They each tasted the softness of one another’s mouths.

As the kiss ended Catherine sighed. “I love you so much Vincent.” He smiled and moved over top of her. “As I love you my beautiful one.” He whispered. Then in one thrust he entered her. Catherine moaned and began to match his rhythm with her own. “Yes my love.” She whispered. Vincent kissed her again. “I never wanted anyone like I want you Catherine no one.” He whispered breathlessly. Catherine could not speak her passion was rising fast. “Oh Catherine yes let it happen!” Vincent moaned. Then they were both overtaken by their orgasms. Vincent stifled her scream and his roar with a hard kiss.

When they had both come back to earth Catherine smiled. “That was the most amazing lovemaking we have shared.” She whispered. Vincent lifted his head from her chest. “Yes my love it was.” She smiled. “Are you all right?” Vincent smiled. “Oh yes my love I am fine.” She chuckled. “You look like you are out of shape.” Vincent chuckled then pinned her arms down on the mattress. “You were not saying that a few moments ago or yesterday.” He teased. Catherine giggled. “No I suppose I wasn’t.” She agreed. “So are you ready for round two?” Vincent asked. Catherine smiled. “Yes my love if you are I am definitely ready.” Vincent smiled and captured her lips again. They made love over and over for the entire afternoon as he had promised.

Later that evening they had a quiet dinner together in his chamber. “Can you come above tonight Vincent?” She asked smiling. Vincent put down his fork and shook his head. “No my love the council meeting will more than likely last very late tonight.” Catherine smiled. “You could come above afterward.” She hinted. Vincent smiled. “Are you certain, I won’t be there until about midnight or later.” She smiled again. “Yes I am sure if I am in bed when you get to the apartment just come in.” Vincent smiled. “All right my love I will come to you tonight.” He then rose. “Are you ready Catherine I will walk you to the threshold.” She smiled and rose. “Yes I am ready.” She answered. Vincent smiled and took her hand as they left the chamber.

When they reached the threshold Catherine came willingly into his arms. “Remember if I am in bed the door to the balcony will be unlocked.” She whispered. Vincent smiled and squeezed her lovingly. “Yes my love I will remember.” He answered. Then he captured her lips in a passionate kiss. Their kiss was interrupted when a message over the pipes told him that the meeting was about to begin. “I must get back.” He whispered regretfully. Catherine smiled. “Until later my love.” She whispered. Then she moved away from him. Vincent watched until she was gone then he returned to the home chambers.

When he entered Father’s chamber everyone was waiting. “I am sorry Father I was seeing Catherine out.” Father smiled. “That is quite all right.” He answered. “Now shall we get down to business?” Father asked. And they started the meeting.

Catherine returned to her apartment and locked her door. She kicked off her shoes then moved into her bedroom. She put them in the closet then grabbed a gown and a robe. Then she went into the bathroom and took a shower. After her shower she dried off. Slipping into the gown and the robe she walked into the kitchen to make herself some tea. She then moved toward the balcony with her tea. Sitting down on her chaise she was soon sleeping peacefully.

After the meeting concluded Vincent informed Father that he was going above and would not return until dawn. Father smiled knowingly at Mary. They had heard the earlier interlude between Vincent and Catherine but would never say anything. “Of course my son.” Father answered. Then Vincent left the chamber. “I am so happy for them.” Mary mused. “So am I Mary.” Father agreed. “So am I.” He then invited Mary to accompany him to the kitchen chamber for a cup of tea.

When Vincent arrived he saw Catherine asleep on the balcony. He smiled and knelt down beside her. He gently stroked her cheek for a moment. Then he called her name. Catherine was instantly awake. “You are here.” She whispered. Vincent smiled and nodded. “Yes my love I am here.” He answered. “What are you doing sleeping out here?” He asked. Catherine sat up and stretched. She winced when she felt the kinks in her neck. “I was sitting here then I fell asleep.” She explained. Vincent saw her wince again. “Are you all right my love?” He asked concerned. Catherine smiled. “Yes I suppose I just should not have slept in this chair.” She remarked. Vincent smiled. “I have a remedy for that.” He responded. “What is that remedy?” She asked smiling. Vincent wordlessly picked her up and carried her into her bedroom. He lay her down on her bed then smiled. “I will be right back.” He moved into her bathroom as she watched. He found the jasmine scented massage oil on the counter top. Retrieving it he moved back into the bedroom.

Catherine smiled when she saw the oil. “Massage?” She asked. Vincent smiled. “Yes my love.” He answered. Then he smiled. “Take off your gown and robe please.” She smiled and did as he requested. She then smiled. “This is not fair you have too many clothes on.” She pouted. Vincent chuckled and removed his clothes. “Is this better my angel?” She smiled. “Definitely better.” She whispered. “Now turn onto your stomach.” He requested. She did as he asked once again and smiled when she felt him begin to massage her neck and back. “Hmmm that feels so good.” She whispered. Vincent smiled as he kneaded her soft skin. “It feels good for both of us.” He answered. Vincent’s hands moved down her body as he massaged her.

Catherine’s passion was rising fast. Vincent smiled as he felt it through their bond. He bent forward and whispered in her ear. “Just a bit longer my love.” Catherine moaned softly. Vincent smiled at the way he was torturing her. “Vincent please I need you now.” She whispered. Vincent stopped his massage then rose to his feet. Catherine turned onto her back and held out her arms. “Come to me Vincent.” He nodded. Then he joined her in the bed. “I love you my Catherine.” He whispered as he touched her body. Catherine moaned as he touched her. “And I love you.” She answered. Then when neither could take it any longer Vincent entered her. Their loving was very, very slow and passionate just as it had been in his chamber that afternoon.

Over the next couple of weeks Vincent came above and spent every night with Catherine. She would come below on the weekends and stay with him in his chamber. They were extremely happy. Everyone that knew them was also very happy for them. They could see how in love Vincent and Catherine were. Everyone prayed that this would lead them to finally having a life together.

Then one Thursday evening Vincent arrived at Catherine’s apartment. She smiled and ran into his arms. “I have missed you so much today.” She whispered. Vincent smiled. “And I have missed you.” Catherine noticed that he looked troubled. “Darling is something wrong?” Vincent sighed and moved into the living room. “I have some bad news.” He stated. Catherine looked at him alarmed. “Has something happened below?” Vincent shook his head. “No I have to go away tomorrow for a couple of weeks.” Catherine sighed and sat down on the sofa beside him. She moved over and nestled into his arms. “What has happened?” Vincent held her and began to explain. “Some of the pipes are about to burst and Father is worried that our communication system will be shut down.” Catherine looked up at him. “I know you must go but I will be completely miserable without you.” Vincent tightened his arms around her. “As I will be without you my Catherine.” Then he released her. “I will come back as soon as I can.” He assured her.

She looked at him for a moment. “Do you have to leave right now?” Vincent smiled and put his arms around her again. “No but I will have to leave shortly.” Catherine put her head on his shoulder. “Just hold me until you have to leave.” She requested. Vincent once again wrapped his arms around her. “Yes my love I will hold you until then.” They sat there for the next while wrapped in each other’s arms.

The next few days were very busy for Catherine she kept herself busy at work trying not to think about missing Vincent too much. To make things worse she had started feeling ill shortly after he left. She tried to ignore it but finally she called Peter from work. “Hello this is Dr. Alcott.” He responded when he answered the phone. Catherine smiled. “Hello Peter it’s Cathy.” She answered. “Hello honey to what do I owe this call?” He asked. Catherine smiled. “I was hoping I could see you during my lunch hour.” She stated. Peter was immediately alert. “Honey are you okay?” He asked. She giggled. “You are the doctor that is what you are supposed to tell me isn’t it?” He laughed. “Young lady I want you in my office in thirty minutes.” He ordered. Catherine smiled and looked at her watch. “All right I will be there.” Then she hung up.

She rose and packed her briefcase. Rita saw her and walked toward her desk. “Skipping out early?” She asked. Catherine smiled. “Not hardly I have doctor’s appointment.” Rita nodded. “Where is Joe?” Catherine asked. Rita shrugged. “He just called this morning and said he would be in after lunch.” She remarked. Catherine nodded. “All right I will see you later.” Then Catherine left the office.

A little while later Catherine entered Peter’s office. He smiled and hugged her. “Now young lady let’s see what is going on with you.” He remarked. They walked into his examining room. Catherine sat down and he began the examination. When it was over they moved back into his outer office. “So what is going on with me?” Catherine asked. Peter rose from his chair and sat down on the corner of his desk in front of her. “Honey I need to ask you a very important question.” His tone of voice worried her. “Sure you can ask me anything.” She commented. “Honey are you seeing anyone other than Vincent?” He asked. Catherine stared at him. “Peter how can you ask me such a question?” She suddenly asked angrily. “I love Vincent with all my heart and I would never do that!” Peter put his hand on her shoulder. “Calm down honey I just need to know.” He told her. “Why would you need to know such a thing?” She asked still angry. Peter then took her hand. “Honey you are six weeks pregnant.” She sat there in shock for the next few moments.

After a few moments of silence Peter knelt down in front of her. “Cathy are you all right?” He asked when he saw her face. She suddenly smiled happily. “Oh Peter this is wonderful!” She exclaimed. Then she hugged him tightly. Peter smiled. “I am very happy for you and also for Vincent.” Catherine looked up at him. “But Peter how is this possible?” She asked. Peter smiled. “I think you know how it is possible.” He teased. She smiled and slapped his arm. “That is not what I mean.” She told him. He smiled. “I know that honey I just could not resist teasing you.”

Then he took her hand again. “Honey we were never 100% sure that Vincent would not be able to father a child.” He explained. “We figured that it would be impossible with his different metabolism but it was never proven.” Catherine suddenly rose. “Where are you going?” Peter asked. Catherine smiled radiantly at him. “I am going back to work and turn in my resignation effective immediately.” Peter smiled. “Well I can’t say that I am upset to hear that.” Catherine hugged him. “I am not doing anything to risk my baby.” She vowed. “When are you telling Vincent?” Peter asked. Catherine smiled our anniversary is in a couple of weeks I think this will be a wonderful present.” Peter nodded. “Yes I agree.” Then Catherine left his office.

When she arrived back at work Rita walked up to her. “Joe is here and wants to see you in his office.” Catherine smiled. “Thanks Rita.” She then walked toward his office. She knocked quietly at his door. “Come in.” He called out. Catherine entered the office. “You wanted to see me Joe?” She asked. Then she saw the look on his face. “Joe is something wrong?” She asked concerned. Joe rose and sat down on the sofa beside her. “Cathy last night I had to take Jenny to the emergency room.” He remarked. Catherine gasped. “Is she and the baby all right?” Joe shook his head. “Cathy she lost the baby early this morning.” He whispered. Catherine began to cry and embraced him. “Oh Joe I am so sorry.” She cried as she held him. “How is she doing?” Catherine asked. Joe sighed. “She is doing as well as she can.” Then Catherine put her hand on his arm. “And how are you?” She asked. Joe sighed. “I keep wondering if I could have done something to prevent this.” Catherine shook her head. “No Joe I am sure there is nothing that you could have done.”

Joe then looked at her. “Cathy I have a big favor to ask of you.” She nodded. “What is it?” Joe sighed. “When Jenny gets out of the hospital I am taking her away for a while to California.” Catherine smiled. “That is a great idea you both need time away together.” Joe nodded. “Cathy could you step in as D.A. until we get back?” Catherine was not sure how to answer. She sighed. “Joe I would but I came back this afternoon to resign.” Joe was shocked. “Why are you resigning?” He asked. Catherine smiled slightly. “I just found out that Vincent and I are having a baby.” Joe smiled and embraced her. “That is great kiddo.” He told her. She smiled. “I am happy about it.” Joe smiled again. “How is Vincent reacting?” Catherine chuckled. “He is away for a few days I am telling him in a couple weeks on our anniversary.” Joe smiled sadly. “That is great Cathy I am very happy for you both.” Catherine smiled. “I hope you understand why I can’t fill in for you.” Joe nodded. “Yes I don’t want you to do anything that will jeopardize you or that baby I will have Martin Robertson do it.”

Catherine rose from the sofa. “Joe I am going to see Jenny.” Joe smiled. “She will love that.” Catherine embraced him again. “Everything will be all right in time.” She whispered. “Just take care of yourself and Jenny.” Joe nodded. “That is what her doctor told us but it is hard.” She nodded. “I know Joe but you are both strong.” Then she left the office.

A short time later she quietly entered Jenny’s hospital room. Jenny was facing the window. Catherine could tell from her shoulders shaking that she was crying. Catherine moved toward her and laid her hand on Jenny’s arm. Jenny turned over and began to cry harder. “Oh Cathy I lost our baby.” Catherine sat down on the bed and pulled her friend into her arms. “Shh Jen everything will work out in time.” Jenny could not answer all she could do was cry.

Once she was calm Jenny lay back down. “So that husband of mine let you off early?” She asked smiling. Catherine smiled. “Well he had no choice I resigned.” Jenny was shocked. “Why did you do that?” Catherine was not sure how to answer. She was not sure what hearing her news would do to her fragile friend. “Oh it was for personal reasons.” She commented. Jenny shook her head. “No way Cathy what is going on?” Catherine looked down. “Jenny I am going to have Vincent’s baby.” She whispered. Jenny smiled. “Oh Cath that is great but what about what Father and Peter said?” Catherine smiled. “Well Peter told me that it was never officially diagnosed that it was mostly what they thought.” Jenny smiled. “That is great Cathy I am very happy for you both.” Then Jenny’s eyes began to tear up again. Catherine held her again as she cried.

After a few minutes Jenny was calm again. “So Joe told me that you and he were going to California.” Catherine remarked. Jenny smiled. “Yes he told me that he owed me a honeymoon.” Catherine smiled. “I think it is a great idea for both of you.” Jenny nodded. “I just hope that Joe and I can get through this together.” Catherine put her hand on Jenny’s. “Hey that is one thing that I am not worried about you and Joe love one another you will both be fine.”

After a while Peter entered the room. “Jenny I just heard about the baby I am so sorry.” He told her sympathetically. Jenny smiled tearfully. “Thank you Peter.” Catherine and Peter both noticed that Jenny was beginning to get sleepy. “Jen we are going to let you get some sleep now.” Catherine whispered. Jenny closed her eyes and nodded. Catherine then followed Peter into the hallway.

Once they were out of the room Peter took Catherine in his arms. “Shh honey she will be fine.” He whispered. Catherine cried for her friend. “Honey I want you to go home and take care of yourself.” He told her when she was calm. She dried her eyes and smiled. “I am going to go below I need to be there even if Vincent is not there.” Peter nodded. “That is a great idea.” Then Catherine sighed. “I just wish I could help Jenny and Joe.” Peter nodded. “I know you do.” He responded. “Joe asked me to take over for him while he was gone.” She remarked. Peter shook his head. “No Cathy I will not let you do that.” He stated. Catherine smiled. “I told Joe I could not do it anyway.” Peter smiled. “What did you tell him?” She sighed. “I told him the truth.” She admitted. Peter held her again. “I am sure that was hard.” She nodded. “I did not want to tell him after he told me about Jenny but I did not know what else to tell him.” Peter smiled. “Honey you did what you had to do.” She smiled and nodded. “Well I will see you later I am going below now.” She stated again. Peter nodded. Then Catherine left the hospital.

A little while later Catherine arrived at her building. She quickly entered and went up to her apartment. After putting her briefcase inside and quickly changing clothes she left. She went down to the basement where the secret tunnel entrance was. Moving the boxes aside she looked around. When she found that no one was there she opened the door and climbed down the steps.

As she reached the tunnel floor she turned around and entered the main tunnel. She walked a little ways toward the hub when Jamie met her. “Hey Catherine what are you doing here Vincent is away.” The young girl commented. Catherine nodded. “Yes I know I just came to visit is Father in his chamber?” Jamie could see how upset she was. “Yes he is there with Mary.” She remarked. “Are you all right?” Jamie asked. Catherine shook her head. “Something happened and I need to talk to Father.” She stated. “One of the helpers?” Jamie asked. Catherine nodded. “Yes my friend Jenny.” Jamie nodded. “Well I better get to my sentry post I will talk to you later.” Catherine smiled sadly. “All right talk to you later Jamie.” Then they parted and moved in their respective directions.

When Catherine reached Father’s chamber she took a deep breath to calm herself then entered. Father and Mary both looked up and smiled. “Catherine dear it is nice to see you.” Mary told her. Then she and Father both noticed that Catherine was very upset. Mary moved toward her and cupped her cheek. “Dear what has you so upset?” She asked concerned. Catherine could not hold back her tears any longer. “Oh Mary something terrible happened.” She sobbed. Mary looked back at Father horrified. She took Catherine in her arms and held her. “Dear what in the world is the matter?” She asked. Catherine could not answer for her crying. Mary moved her toward a chair and sat the tearful woman down. “Catherine it will be all right.” Father soothed as he reached out for her hand. Catherine looked at him. “Father this was so sad.” She whispered.

Mary knelt down beside her chair. “What is it Catherine please tell us.” Catherine calmed just a bit and dried her eyes. “I found out today that last night Jenny had a miscarriage.” She cried. Mary leaned up and held her once again. “Oh Catherine is she all right?” Father asked. Catherine nodded. “Physically she is fine but I am so worried about her and Joe they wanted the baby so much they were so happy.” Mary cupped her cheek. “Catherine sometimes unknown things happen that we cannot explain I am sure that in time Jenny and Joe will be fine they just need to deal with their pain.” Catherine nodded. “Yes I just wish that I could help them.” Father smiled. “The best way we can help the two of them now is to just be their friends.” Catherine smiled. “I know they will appreciate that.” She responded.

Suddenly the pipes came alive with a message. Vincent running toward Father’s chamber—P. Catherine looked at Mary. “I never thought about the bond.” She whispered. Mary looked at her. “What do you mean dear?” She asked. Catherine looked at her hands. “I never meant to bring him back from his work.” She whispered. Father smiled and squeezed her hand. “Catherine there is no way that he would have stayed in the lower tunnels with you in so much pain.”

At that moment Vincent ran into the chamber. Catherine saw him and rose. “My love are you all right?” He asked as he took her in his arms and held her. “No I am not all right.” She whispered. Vincent moved back and gently cupped her cheek. “Tell me.” He directed gently. Father cleared his throat. “Why don’t the two of you go back to your chamber so you can have some privacy.” Vincent looked at him. “Yes would you see that we are not disturbed for the afternoon.” Father smiled and nodded. “Of course my son.” Vincent then moved his hand from her cheek and took her hand in his. “Come my love.” He whispered. Catherine mutely nodded and followed him out of the chamber.

Once they were out of the chamber Vincent released her hand and put his arm around her waist. She moved closer to him and laid her head on his shoulder. Vincent was very concerned he knew through their bond that something very traumatic was happening and it was greatly affecting his love. He vowed to himself that before they parted today he would find out what was wrong and help her through it any way he could.

When they reached his chamber he led her inside. She sat down on the bed while he lit candles around the chamber. “Let me put a lantern in the passageway and put the tapestry over the chamber entrance.” Catherine looked up at him and nodded. Vincent looked at her for a moment sadly. He loved her so much and seeing her in so much pain and feeling that pain was killing him.

After he had left the chamber Catherine removed her shoes. She then removed her jacket. She smoothed her sweatshirt and gently touched her stomach. Her heart lurched in her chest for the child that lay in her womb. She was so frightened that something would happen to her and Vincent’s child just as it had to Jenny and Joe. Silent tears began to once again flow down her cheeks. Vincent reentered the chamber and pulled the tapestry over the door. Then he walked across the chamber and pulled Catherine to her feet. He led her across the chamber to his ornate desk chair. Sitting down he gently pulled her onto his lap. Catherine lay in his arms like a small child who was in great pain. Vincent kissed the top of her head and tightened his arms around her. “What has happened?” He asked in a whisper. Catherine lifted her head from his chest and looked into his deep blue eyes. “I love you Vincent.” She whispered. Vincent smiled and cupped her cheek. “I love you too my Catherine with all that I am.” Catherine took a deep breath and began to speak.

“When I was got back from lunch today Rita told me that Joe needed to talk to me in his office.” She took a shaky breath. “I went to see him and he told me that last night he had to take Jenny to the hospital because she miscarried their baby.” Vincent was stunned. He pulled Catherine back into his arms and held her. “Oh Catherine I am so sorry.” He whispered. Catherine whimpered. “They are so devastated by this.” She whispered. Vincent sighed. “Yes I can imagine how devastated they are.” Catherine then lifted her head. “I could not help but put myself in her place.” She whispered. Vincent nodded. “Yes it would be devastating to lose a child.” Then he cupped Catherine’s cheek again. “It would destroy me if we had been able to have a baby and something happened to that child or to you.” Catherine nodded. “I don’t think I could survive that.” He added. Catherine lay her head back on his chest. “Neither could I.” She told him.

They spent the next few minutes holding one another close. Catherine wanted to tell him about their baby but she knew that given their discussion it would probably frighten him. So she decided to go with her plan and tell him in a couple of weeks on their anniversary.

When they were once again calm. Catherine sat up. “Joe is taking Jenny away for a while so that they can deal with their pain.” Vincent nodded. “That is a good idea they can be together without any interruptions.” Then he looked at her. “Who is taking his place at work?” Catherine sighed. “A man in the office.” She responded. “But you are the Assistant District Attorney.” He commented. Catherine nodded. “Yes but I was not sure I could take all that responsibility since I am new at my job.” She did not want to tell him that she had resigned. This was not the time to talk about that. “So this man has more experience?” Catherine nodded. “Yes he was A.D.A before Joe was hired then he left the position and Moreno gave it to Joe.” Vincent nodded in understanding. “Besides if I stepped in as District Attorney I would not have much time to spend with you.” She commented. “We could adjust it would only be temporary.” He stated. Catherine nodded. “Yes but with our relationship more personal now I don’t think I could stand being away from you more than I already am.” She whispered with an impish grin. Vincent smiled at her meaning. “Well when you put it that way I don’t believe I could stand that myself.” He whispered. Then he kissed her. They spent the remainder of the day talking and spending time together.

Later that night there was a message on the pipes reminding the council about their meeting. Catherine and Vincent lay snuggled together on his bed. They had not made love but they needed to be close to one another. “What was that all about?” Catherine asked. Vincent sighed. “We have another council meeting tonight.” He explained. Catherine rose onto one elbow. “Can you come above after the meeting tonight?” Vincent smiled. “Yes my love as soon as the meeting is over I will come to you.” Catherine smiled then sat up. “I should be heading home if you are coming up tonight.” She stated as she put on her shoes. “Can you at least stay for dinner?” Vincent asked. Catherine smiled. “Yes of course my love I would love to stay for dinner again.” Vincent smiled then he put on his boots. He extended his hand to her. “Come my love let us go.” He whispered. Catherine smiled and took his hand. “Yes of course let’s go.” Then they left the chamber.

After dinner Vincent walked Catherine to the threshold. “I will come above right after the meeting.” She smiled. “I will be waiting.” Vincent then wrapped his arms around her. “I love you Catherine.” He whispered. She smiled. “I love you too darling.” She then backed out of his arms. “I better go or I will not leave.” Vincent smiled mischievously. “That would not be so bad.” Catherine giggled. “No but I think they would miss you at the meeting because you definitely would not be there.” Vincent sighed and released her. “I suppose you are right.” He remarked. Catherine leaned up and gently kissed him. “I will see you later love.” Vincent smiled. “Yes my Catherine.” He whispered. She then turned and disappeared into the blue stream of light.

Once she was gone Vincent sighed. How he wished that Catherine could live with him below but he could never ask that of her. He still felt that to give up her job and her life above was too much of a sacrifice even to live their dream. He shook his head and turned toward the hub. He decided to go back to his chamber and put away some of his books that he used for his classes before he had to go to the meeting.

Catherine entered her apartment. She smiled as she leaned against the door. She loved Vincent more than anything in her life. She sighed as she gently touched her abdomen. He would be so surprised when he found that they were going to have a child. She smiled to herself. She could not wait until their anniversary to tell him. Taking a deep breath she moved away from the door. She checked her answering machine and smiled when she found no messages waiting. Then she moved into the bedroom. She decided to take a shower and change clothes. Moving to the closet she took out one of her gowns and her robes. Then she stripped out of her clothes. Then she entered the bathroom and closed the door.

Back in the tunnels Vincent smiled as he put some books on his shelves. He could feel through the bond how happy and content Catherine was. He could not wait until the council meeting was over so that he could go above and be with the woman he loved. Suddenly a message on the pipes summoned him to Father’s chamber. He put down the book that he was holding then swung his cloak around his shoulder. Then he quickly exited the chamber.

As he approached Father’s chamber he could hear voices. He knew that Father was talking to someone. He stepped into the entrance of the chamber and was shocked to find Father there with Lisa. She smiled and rose when she saw him. “Hello Vincent how are you?” Vincent entered the chamber and descended the steps. He was somewhat disturbed about her sudden reappearance. And he knew that Catherine would also be disturbed. “I am fine Lisa what brings you back to New York?” He asked. Father looked at his son. He knew by the way that Vincent was standing that he was very upset. “I came to see everyone.” She answered. Father cleared his throat. “How long will you be staying this time?” He asked. Lisa sat down in the chair she had vacated. Father and Vincent followed suit and sat down. “I want to come home for good.” She stated. This statement shocked both Father and Vincent. “What about your dancing?” Father asked. Lisa smiled. “I don’t want to dance anymore I have had enough of that life.” She responded. Vincent shifted in his chair. “But Lisa you loved dancing.” He remarked. She nodded. “Yes but now I just want to come back home.”

Vincent rose from his chair. “Lisa things have changed a lot since the last time you were here.” She looked at him surprised. “What has changed?” She asked. Vincent smiled. “I am very much in love with someone from above.” He stated. Lisa was shocked. “A woman from above?” She asked. Vincent nodded. “Yes you remember Catherine Chandler don’t you?” Lisa thought a moment and nodded. “Yes she was involved in that case I testified in.” Vincent nodded. “Yes that Catherine.” Lisa looked at him. “How long have the two of you been involved?” She asked. She was somewhat saddened that Vincent had found someone else but she realized that what they had felt for one another was nothing more than a childhood infatuation. “Catherine and I have been together for almost three years.” Vincent explained as he sat back down. Lisa looked at him shocked. “You were involved when I returned?” Vincent nodded. “Yes but not as serious as we are now.” He stated. “Vincent that is wonderful I am very happy for you.” She told him sincerely. “I hope that you and she are very happy together.” Father and Vincent smiled. “Thank you so much for that Lisa it means a lot.” Vincent told her.

She suddenly rose. “Well I will let you think about my request for a while Father.” She commented. “But I hope you will allow me to stay below and visit.” Father nodded. “Of course we will talk more later about your request.” Lisa nodded then picked up her suitcase. “Will I see you after your meeting Vincent?” He shook his head. “No I have plans tonight with Catherine.” Lisa nodded. “All right I will see you later then.” With that she left the chamber.

After she had gone Father looked at Vincent. “What do you think about her request?” The tunnel elder asked. Vincent shook his head. “I know Lisa and she is not telling us something.” He remarked. Father shook his head. “I just hope that this time is nothing like her last visit.” Vincent put his hand on Father’s. “I will talk to her and find out exactly what is going on.” Father sighed. “How do you think Catherine will react?” Vincent sighed and rose. “I am not sure Father Lisa’s presence here the last time almost cost me my relationship with Catherine.” He stated. “I will not risk that again.” He added. Father smiled. “You should go above and talk to her.” Vincent smiled. “I was going to go after the meeting.” Father shook his head. “No Vincent you need to go now Catherine is very dear to all of us and I don’t want her hurt by this.” Vincent nodded. “You are right Father I will go now thank you for understanding.” Father smiled. “Just take care of Catherine.” Vincent kissed him on the forehead then he turned and ran out of the chamber.

To be continued in part three.