From Nightmares to Sweet Dreams
By Dawn Yzaguirre

Part Three

Above Catherine came out of her bathroom she smiled as she looked around the apartment. Then an idea came to her. She moved into the living room and placed candles throughout the entire apartment. After she was done she stood back and smiled. Tonight will be a night of passion and romance for us Vincent. She thought to herself. Then she knelt down in front of the fireplace and lit a blazing fire. After the fire was going she decided to go out onto the balcony. She opened the French doors and stepped out into the cool night air.

At that moment Vincent quietly vaulted over the balcony wall. He smiled as he watched her from the shadows. He thought of how beautiful she was. And how much he loved her. Suddenly Catherine became aware of someone watching her. She turned and smiled when she saw him. “Hello my angel.” Vincent whispered as he moved toward her. Catherine smiled and ran to him. “I missed you so much.” She told him as they held one another tightly. “And I missed you my Catherine.” Catherine then moved back in his arms. “The meeting ended early?” Vincent smiled and shook his head. “No Father told me not to worry about it and come above to see you.” Catherine smiled again. “I will have to thank him for that.” She remarked.

Vincent then saw the candles in the apartment. “This looks beautiful Catherine.” She smiled and moved out of his arms. She then took his hand. “I thought it would be romantic.” She stated. Vincent smiled. “I love the way you think.” They moved into the apartment and Catherine closed the balcony doors. Then they walked into the living room. Vincent took off his cloak and lay it over the sofa. Then he sat down. Catherine smiled as she moved toward the sofa. “Would you like some tea?” She asked. Vincent knew that he had to tell her about Lisa’s presence below. He shook his head. “No Catherine come sit with me.” She nodded then took his hand. She sat down beside him and snuggled into his arms. “This is so nice.” She whispered. Vincent held her tightly. “Yes my love it is.”

After a few moments of silence Vincent spoke. “Catherine I have something that I need to tell you.” She sat up and looked at him. “What is it Vincent has something happened?” Vincent sighed and rose. “Catherine after you left I was summoned to Father’s chamber.” He began. “When I arrived I found him talking to Lisa.” Vincent heard the gasp from Catherine and turned toward her. He could see the fear on her face. He was instantly sitting beside her again. “Catherine everything will be all right she will not come between us again.” He whispered as he held her. She tightened her arms around his waist. “I know that I should not be frightened by her presence especially now that we are lovers but Vincent I am very frightened.” He held her tighter. “I know my love but no one can ever come between us.” She lifted her head from his chest. “You are right we were not lovers when she was here the first time and everything is different now.” Vincent smiled and nodded.

Catherine cupped his cheek. “You were worried about telling me that she was visiting weren’t you?” She asked. Vincent sighed. “Catherine she is not just visiting she has requested to come back and live below.” Catherine’s heart began to hammer in her chest. “What did Father say to her request?” She asked as she looked down at her lap. Vincent lifted her chin until their eyes met. “He told her that he has to think about it and I am going to talk to her and find out exactly why she wants to come back.” Catherine took a shaky breath. “You think she is hiding something?” She asked. Vincent nodded. “Both Father and I got the impression that she was withholding something from us while we were talking to her.”

Catherine rose from the sofa and began to pace. “Then why would Father consider her request?” She asked. Vincent sighed. “Catherine she lived there most of her life.” He pointed out. She nodded. “I know Vincent but what I am worried about is how she will affect you with her presence if she is allowed to stay.” Vincent rose and came to her. “Catherine the feelings that we had for one another were just a childhood infatuation you helped me to see that.” He stated. “She could never take your place in my heart it belongs to you and you alone.” Catherine held him tightly. “Well whatever Father decides I know he will do what is best.” Vincent smiled. “Yes my love he will believe me he has the same concerns that you do.”

After a few moments of silence Catherine lifted her head from his chest and smiled at him. “Would you like some tea and apple pie?” She asked. Vincent tightened his arms around her. “Maybe later I only want you right now.” She smiled. “I see my attempts to seduce you worked.” She joked. Vincent chuckled. “You don’t have to seduce me Catherine I only have to look at you to want you.” Then he took her mouth in a very passionate kiss. That night they made love in front of the fireplace. Letting their passion burn as high as the flames of the fire.

Later that morning toward dawn Catherine awoke. She smiled when she found Vincent still beside her asleep. She leaned over and gently kissed him. His eyes fluttered open and he smiled at her. “It is almost morning.” She whispered. Vincent embraced her tighter. “Why are you awake so early?” He asked. Catherine looked at him shocked. “Don’t you have to leave?” Vincent shook his head. “No I told Father that I would return tonight I am going to spend the entire day making love to you.” He whispered. She smiled. “I think I could get used to that idea.” She remarked. Then she sobered. “Don’t you want to spend some time with Lisa?” Vincent cupped her cheek. “Catherine I will talk to her sometime but I only want to spend my time with you.” She smiled. “I love the sound of that.” He gently kissed her. “And I love you my Catherine. “Then love me again Vincent.” She requested. Vincent smiled and they were once again lost in their passion for one another.

Later that evening Vincent returned to the tunnels. He returned to his chamber and changed clothes. Then he decided to go and talk to Lisa. When he did not find her in her guest chamber he went to the falls. There he found her. “Hello Lisa.” Vincent remarked as he entered the chamber. She looked up and smiled at him. “Are you just getting back?” She asked. Vincent nodded and sat down. “Yes I returned a little while ago.” He commented.

Then Vincent looked at her. “I need to ask you something.” He told her. She smiled. “You and Father want to know exactly why I am coming back?” She asked. Vincent nodded. She smiled. “The reason I want to come back is that the man I love lives here.” Vincent suddenly became very uncomfortable. “Lisa as I told you Catherine and I are very much in love.” He explained. She smiled and put her hand on his. “I understand that Vincent the man I am talking about is Daniel.” Vincent looked up at her and smiled. “When did this happen?” He asked. She smiled radiantly. “We realized how we felt about one another a short time ago.” Vincent nodded. “I wish you had told us yesterday.” He stated. She giggled. “I know I just wanted to let Daniel know about my request first.” Vincent looked up at her. “He did not know?” She shook her head. “No he was just as shocked.” Vincent chuckled. “But I am sure very happy.” Lisa nodded. “Yes he has asked me to marry him.” Vincent embraced her. “That is wonderful I am very happy for you.” Lisa smiled. “Would you mind keeping it to yourself until we tell Father?” She asked. Vincent shook his head. “From everyone?” He asked. He wanted to tell Catherine immediately. “Yes but only for a few days.” She assured him. Vincent then rose. “I will let you tell Father then I will tell others.” He teased. She rose and smiled. “I bet you will.” Then they left the chamber to go talk to Daniel.

Over the next few days Vincent spent all his free time with Catherine. She began to feel very silly that she ever doubted him again. She vowed that she would never doubt his love for her again. They decided that on their anniversary they would have a romantic evening at her apartment. “I am looking forward to our anniversary.” He told her one night as they lay in bed together. She smiled. “So am I.” She answered. “I am going to make us a very romantic dinner then we can give our gifts to each other.” Vincent smiled slyly. “I hope our evening won’t end there.” She giggled. “Not if I have anything to say about that.” She commented. Vincent turned over and leaned over her. “And my angel you have everything to say about the subject.” He whispered. Then he kissed her again.

A few nights later on their anniversary Catherine was happily preparing their romantic dinner. She placed candles all around the apartment then out on the balcony around the table. They would be having dinner outside tonight. She smiled as she stepped back and surveyed her work. Then she moved back inside and dressed in the black dress that she had bought. Her small round stomach was not quite visible. She could not wait until she told him about their child. She prayed that he would be as happy about it as she was.

Below in the tunnels Vincent was in his chamber getting ready for his evening with Catherine. He smiled as he thought of the night ahead of him. He had decided that he would propose to her tonight and ask her to live below with him. He only had to ask Father for Margaret’s engagement ring before he left. Father had told him that he could have it if he ever proposed to her. He was also happy because he could finally tell her that Lisa and Daniel were engaged. They had told Father the night before and now they were planning their joining ceremony.

A voice from the entrance of the chamber broke into his thoughts. He turned to see Lisa smiling at him. “You look very handsome and dapper tonight.” She commented. Vincent smiled. “Thank you Lisa tonight is mine and Catherine’s anniversary.” Lisa’s smiled suddenly faded. Vincent noticed this immediately. “What is the matter Lisa?” He asked. She sighed. “Daniel and I were hoping that you could be here tonight to help us with the joining ceremony plans.” Vincent sighed. “I would but this is a very important night for me and Catherine.” She smiled. “I understand when do you have to leave?” Vincent smiled. “Not for a half an hour.” She smiled again. “Could you help us until then?” Vincent chuckled. “Yes of course I will.” Then he picked up his cloak and they left the chamber.

A couple of hours later Catherine was pacing in her apartment. She could not understand why Vincent was so late. Then suddenly she stopped. Oh God what if something has happened to him or to someone below. She thought. Turning she hurried into her bedroom. After changing clothes and making sure that all the candles were extinguished and the dinner was turned off she quickly left the apartment.

Below Vincent and Lisa had joined Daniel and Father in Father’s chamber. “This is going to be so wonderful.” Lisa mused as she squeezed Daniel’s hand. Father looked at Vincent and smiled. “Yes Lisa we are going to do everything we can to make it special.” Father remarked. She smiled at him. “I know you will Father.” Daniel then looked at Vincent. “Would you stand with me?” Vincent was speechless. “Of course my friend I would be honored.” Lisa looked at Father. “Since Master Po is performing the ceremony would you give me away?” Father smiled. “Of course dear I would love to give you away.”

At that moment Catherine entered the tunnels. She looked around and saw no sentries or anyone. This worried and frightened her. She definitely thought that something was wrong. She walked a bit faster as she neared the hub. As she came closer to Father’s chamber she was about to enter when she heard Lisa’s voice. “Oh Vincent isn’t this so wonderful this is going to be the most wonderful joining ceremony.” Catherine stopped and decided to listen to Vincent’s response. “Yes Lisa I am looking forward to it.” He responded. Catherine felt as if she had been stung. Vincent and Lisa are marrying! She thought angrily. She considered going into the chamber and confronting the two of them but she felt that she had been humiliated enough. She then thought of her and Vincent’s unborn child. She placed her hand gently on her small rounded tummy. Oh my baby what are we going to do? She wondered sadly.

She suddenly realized that she had lost Vincent to Lisa. She turned and walked away from the hub as fast as her legs would carry her. She felt as if her entire world was crashing in around her. She did not know what she was going to do with the rest of her life. Or how she was going to raise their child alone. But she knew that she could not come back to the tunnels no matter what. She vowed to herself to never enter this wondrous place again. Then she reached the ladder leading up to her apartment building. Looking back down the tunnel she knew that it was over because the bond had not brought Vincent to her. With one last swipe of the tears that were flowing down her face she climbed up the ladder for what she thought was the very last time.

A little while later she returned to her apartment. She entered the empty living room and looked around. She leaned against the door and tried to calm herself. She then saw the roses and the candles around the room. This was going to be the greatest night of our lives. She thought to herself. She then moved away from the door. Going into the bedroom she quickly made a life changing decision. She opened the closet and pulled out her suitcase. She then packed it. She would go stay up at her parent’s cabin for a while then she would decide where to go from there to have and raise her and Vincent’s child anonymously. She considered going to Westport to see Nancy but decided that there would be too many hard questions to answer. And she did not want to bring Nancy and Paul into it because of their friendship with Vincent.

Once she was done packing she carried her bag to the door. She was about to leave when she looked over at the phone. She thought about just changing her answering machine message but then decided that someone should know that she was leaving and that she would not return. She put down her bag and walked over to the phone. Picking it up she dialed Peter’s number.

After the second ring Peter answered the phone. “This is Dr. Peter Alcott.” She smiled slightly. “Hello Peter this is Cathy.” Peter immediately heard the tone in her voice. “Honey what has happened?” She was about to answer when her voice caught on a sob. “Honey has something happened to Vincent?” Then he cautiously went on. “Honey are you and the baby all right?” Catherine began to cry once again. “The baby and I are fine but it is over between me and Vincent.” She sobbed. Peter was stunned. “Honey please calm down what in the world are you talking about?” Catherine took a few deep breaths to calm her crying. When she had calmed a bit she began to speak again. “When Vincent was late tonight I went below because I was frightened that something had happened.” She began. “I got to Father’s chamber and I was about to walk in when I heard Vincent and Lisa talk about their joining ceremony.” The tears once again began to flow down her face. She could not stop them.

On the other end of the phone Peter sat down on the sofa shocked. “Cathy calm down are you certain?” He wanted to make sure that her hormones had not made her misinterpret the situation. “Peter I know what I heard tonight I was so foolish to believe that Lisa would not come between us once again but Vincent swore to me that would not happen.” Peter sighed sadly. “Honey calm down we can go below together and see what is going on I can be over there in a few minutes.” Catherine took a deep breath. “No Peter I am leaving the city.” Peter became very concerned. “Honey I wish you would stay so I can keep an eye on you and the baby.” She smiled at his fatherly concern. “I can’t Peter I would be too close to Vincent.” She whispered sadly. “Where will you go?” She hesitated in telling him fearing that he would tell Vincent. Peter heard her non-response and sighed. “Honey I won’t tell Vincent but I need to know so that if you or the baby need me I can get to you.” She realized that he was right. “I am going up to our cabin for a while then I will go somewhere and have my baby.” Peter was very frightened by this thought. “Honey you know that the baby could take after Vincent why don’t you stay here with me?” Catherine sighed. “Peter you have a tunnel entrance that Vincent uses almost regularly I cannot risk that.”

Peter rose from the sofa and began to pace. He was hurting for Catherine and at the same time he was angry with Vincent for doing this to her. “Honey please come stay here with me I won’t let Vincent come up here at all.” He pleaded desperately. She shook her head on the other end of the phone. “No Peter I am going to go to the cabin I will call you if I need you.” Then she abruptly hung up. She then dried her tears and rose. She walked over to the door and picked up her suitcase. She looked around the apartment once again then she looked out onto the balcony. Goodbye Vincent I will always love you and I vow to take care of our child forever. She then composed herself and walked out of the apartment.

Meanwhile in his home Peter was pacing. He was scared to death for Catherine and her baby but he was also very angry with Vincent for letting Lisa come between himself and Catherine once again. He was about to enter the secret tunnel entrance when he heard the front door of his house open. He backed out of the entrance and quickly closed it.

Susan then came into the living room and saw him. She smiled when she saw him but then she saw the look on his face and knew that something was wrong. “Dad are you all right?” He turned and looked at her. “No honey I just got a very disturbing call from Cathy.” Susan was immediately at his side. “Has something happened to her or to the baby?” He took her into his arms. “No sweetie they are fine.”

Then he began to speak again “but tonight Catherine went below when Vincent was late for their anniversary she was about to enter Jacob’s chamber when she heard Lisa and Vincent talking about their joining ceremony.” Susan moved back slightly and stared at him. “Dad that is not possible he loves Cathy not Lisa.” Peter sighed and released her. “Well apparently Lisa has won him over once again.” Susan knew that her father was very angry. She put her hand on his arm. “Dad calm down until we find out what exactly is going on.” Peter turned and looked at her. “No I won’t calm down I am going below right now and have a talk with him.” Susan shook her head. “No not now you are too angry.” Peter shook his head again. “Honey you don’t understand Cathy is leaving New York as we speak I have to find out what is going on.” Susan dropped her hand. “All right but Dad give Vincent the chance to explain I don’t believe that this is what Cathy really heard.” Peter nodded. “I will but I tell you I will never forgive him if he is marrying Lisa.” Then he entered the secret door to the tunnels.

When Peter arrived in the tunnels Mary was coming out of her chamber when she saw him. She was about to speak to him when she noticed how angry he was. “Peter are you all right?” He shook his head. “No I need to talk to Vincent immediately.” She nodded. “I believe that he is with Father.” She put her hand on his arm. “Peter what is wrong?” He turned and looked at her. “I am sorry to be so short with you Mary but right now I am extremely angry with Vincent.” This shocked Mary she had never seen Peter angry with Vincent. “Peter may I go with you to Father’s chamber?” He smiles slightly. “Are you sure you want to hear this?” She nodded. “Yes I want to know what has you so angry with Vincent.” He nodded. “All right Mary you can come if you wish.” She nodded. Then they walked down the tunnel toward Father’s chamber.

Meanwhile Catherine was driving out of the city. She could hardly see because of the tears that were streaming down her face. I can’t believe that I was so stupid. She thought as she drove. But Vincent swore to me that she would never come between us again and that I was the only one he loved. She pulled over on the side of the road and laid her head down on the steering wheel. She could not stop the flow of tears. Then she lifted her head and dried the tears. No I won’t let Lisa take him from me our baby and I need him and I will fight for him. Catherine then turned around and headed back to Manhattan.

Back in the tunnels Peter and Mary arrived at Father’s chamber. They enter and both Vincent and Father greet him. “How could you do such a thing to Catherine?” Peter yelled as he approached Vincent. Father and Vincent were both shocked. “Peter what in the world are you talking about?” Father asked. Peter ignored him. “Vincent that girl loves you so much and you repay that love by making plans to marry Lisa!” He yelled. Vincent looked at him shocked. “What are you talking about Peter?” He asked. “I am not marrying Lisa.” Peter looked at Father who nodded. “Then what did Catherine hear when she came down earlier?” Peter asked. Vincent stared at him. “Why would she come down here?” He asked.

Then he suddenly got a horrified look on his face. “Father what time is it?” Father looked at his pocket watch. “Oh Lord Vincent it is almost 2:00a.m.” Vincent rose and put on his cloak. “I have to go above and talk to Catherine immediately.” He stated frantically. “Vincent couldn’t you sense her through your bond?” Father asked confused. Vincent looked at him and shook his head. “I have not said anything but for the past few weeks our bond has been getting interrupted spiratically.” Father looked at him shocked. “Do you have any idea why?” Vincent shook his head. “No and it really scares me.” He replied.

Peter realized from Vincent’s reaction that he had been right in the first place Catherine was mistaken about what she had heard. “Vincent I am sorry I just felt so angry when she called me crying that she had lost you.” Vincent sighed. “That is all right Peter.” He replied. “Vincent what did she hear exactly?” Peter asked confused. At this point Daniel spoke up. “Peter Lisa is marry me not Vincent he was just helping us with the plans she must have heard them talking and misunderstood.” Peter nodded. “I told her that she had to be wrong.” He replied. Vincent put his hand on Peter’s shoulder. “I promise you Peter I am going to make this right with her tonight.” Peter looked at him again. “Vincent she is not at her apartment.” Vincent sighed. “Where is she I have to see her.” Peter knew that this was going to destroy Vincent. “She told me that she was leaving the city and that she was going somewhere anonymous.” Vincent plopped back down into his chair. He lay his head in his hands. “What have I done?” He cried. Father placed his hand on Vincent’s shoulder. “We will find her my son.” Vincent looked over at him through his tears. “How can we find her now that she is gone?” Peter knew that Vincent had to know about the baby. He had promised Catherine that he would not say anything about the baby but Vincent was in so much pain that he had to know why she left.

Peter knelt down on his knee and put his hand on Vincent’s arm. “Vincent there is something else that you need to know.” Vincent looked up at him. “What is it?” Vincent asked. Peter smiled. “I think I know why your bond with Catherine is being interrupted.” Father stared at him shocked. “How can you know why the bond is failing?” Peter smiled. “Because I was the one that gave Catherine the news.” Vincent looked up at him again. “What news Peter what are you trying to tell me?” Peter placed his hand on Vincent’s arm again. “Vincent Catherine is almost two and a half months pregnant with your child.” He whispered. Everyone in the chamber was shocked. “Peter you and I both know that that is not possible.” Father remarked. Peter shook his head. “Jacob neither of us were absolutely sure of the diagnosis it was never proven with medical tests.” He pointed out. “Catherine is having our child?” Vincent asked shocked. Peter smiled. “Yes my boy you are going to be a father.” Vincent smiled happily. “We can finally have a life together with our child.” He whispered.

Then he rose again. “I have to go find her.” He commented. He looked at Peter. “Do you have any idea where she is going?” He asked pleadingly. Peter smiled and nodded. “She told me that first she was going to her parent’s cabin to think then she was going to go somewhere so she could have the baby.” Vincent shook his head. “No I want her here below with me to have our child.” Peter placed his hand on Vincent’s shoulder. “If you get your things ready I will go get my van then I will take you to her.” Vincent smiled. “Thank you Peter I would appreciate your assistance.”

Daniel and Lisa suddenly rose. “Vincent I am coming with you.” Daniel told him. Vincent smiled and shook his head. “Thank you my friend but that is not necessary.” Daniel shook his head. “No Vincent you are going to need help to convince her and I want to help.” Vincent moved toward him and put his hand on Daniel’s shoulder. “I thank you for your help my friend.” Daniel smiled then he and Lisa quickly left the chamber. Peter moved toward Vincent. “I will go get my van then return to tell you what tunnel entrance to meet me at.” Vincent embraced him. “Thank you for telling me about the baby.” He whispered. Peter smiled as he moved out of Vincent’s embrace. “How can you thank me after I came in here yelling at you and accusing you of hurting Catherine?” Vincent smiled. “Peter I appreciate how you look out for Catherine.” He stated. Peter nodded. Then he ran from the chamber. Mary smiled happily then she also left the chamber.

Once everyone was gone Vincent addressed Father. “I know you don’t like me travelling but I have to go to her.” Father rose and smiled. “Of course you have to bring her and your unborn child home to us.” Vincent smiled and embraced him. “Thank you for understanding.” He whispered. Father patted his cheek. “I love Catherine and I could not be happier or more proud that we were wrong about you fathering a child.” Vincent smiled again. “No one is happier than I.” Father nodded. “Yes now go pack your bag and I will get you some medical supplies in case you need them.” With this Vincent raced out of the chamber.

As this was happening Catherine parked her car in front of Peter’s house. She sat there for a few minutes then got out of the car. She walked up the sidewalk to the front door. She reached out and rang the doorbell. Susan opened the door and smiled happily when she saw Catherine. “Oh Cathy come in here.” She insisted. Catherine smiled weakly then entered the house. “Is your dad here?” Catherine asked. Susan was about to answer when Peter entered the house again. He smiled when he saw Catherine. “Cathy honey I am so glad you are here.” He told her as he embraced her. She smiled sadly as he released her. “I could not go Peter I just can’t!” She told him adamantly. Peter smiled and cupped her cheek. “Well honey I for one am glad because there is something important that you need to know.” Susan smiled knowingly at her father. “Dad is everything all right?” She asked. He smiled at her and nodded. “Cathy everything you heard tonight was not exactly true.” He began. Catherine looked at him confused. “But Peter Vincent and Lisa were talking about their joining ceremony.” She argued. He smiled and shook his head. “Yes they were talking about a joining ceremony but not for Vincent and Lisa.” He stated. Susan smiled she knew that it had to be a very big mistake. “What are you talking about Peter?” Catherine asked confused. “Honey Lisa is having a joining ceremony but she is marrying Daniel not Vincent.” Catherine shook her head. “But Vincent was talking to her about it.” She argued. Peter nodded. “Yes he was helping with the plans and he lost track of the time that is why he never showed up at your place.” Catherine began to pace then.

She turned and looked at Peter. “I want to believe you but I am not sure.” Susan smiled and moved toward her. “Cathy before this had Vincent ever given you a reason to doubt his love?” She asked gently. Catherine smiled. “No I have doubted his love at times but they were all things that I created.” She stated. Susan smiled. “I never believed this was true even when Dad told me earlier I know how much he loves you.” Catherine sighed. “I am just not sure.” She whispered. Peter moved toward her and took her hand. “Honey I was going to come get my van to bring Vincent to the cabin to see you.” He admitted. Catherine looked up at him. She knew that she should be angry with him but she couldn’t. She smiled lovingly. “Thank you Peter.” She whispered. He smiled and lifted her chin. “Come below with us so you and Vincent can talk.” He requested. Catherine looked up at him. “I don’t know Peter I am still so confused.” Susan put her arm around Catherine’s shoulders. “Come on Cathy talk to him that way all your fears can be laid to rest for your sake and for the baby.”

Catherine looked up at Peter. “You told him about the baby didn’t you?” She asked in a whisper. Peter smiled slightly. “Honey I saw how hurt he was when I told him that you were gone I had to tell him.” Catherine nodded. “I don’t want him to come back to me out of obligation.” She whispered. Peter cupped her cheek. “Honey he was extremely happy that we were wrong and that you were carrying his child.” He assured her. She thought a moment then nodded. “I will go talk to him but I can’t go to his chamber right now.” She insisted. She knew that seeing the bed where they had made love that one glorious afternoon would be extremely hard for her especially if things did not work out for them. Peter nodded. “Well Mary knows what happened we can go to her chamber.” Catherine nodded in agreement then the three of them entered the secret passage leading to the tunnels.

A few minutes later they arrived at Mary’s chamber. She smiled brightly when she saw Catherine. “Oh dear child I am so glad you came back.” She told her as she hugged Catherine. Catherine smiled. “I came to talk to Vincent.” Mary smiled and cupped her cheek. “Yes you do have a lot to talk about.” Catherine nodded. Then she looked at Peter. “Why hasn’t he come yet he can sense when I am below?” Peter knew that Catherine was not aware of the bond being affected by the baby. He put his arm around her shoulder. “Honey he told me and Father earlier that he has been experiencing loses of the bond.” Catherine looked at him confused. “What do you mean?” She asked. Peter smiled. “Honey I think the bond is being interrupted by the presence of the baby.” She sighed. “Will he hate me or our child for that?” She asked in a whisper. Mary moved over and put her hand on Catherine’s shoulder. “He could never ever hate you or his child Catherine.” She assured the frightened younger woman. “Besides honey who says that after the baby comes that the bond won’t be restored to its normal function.” Peter stated. Catherine thought a moment. Then she looked at Peter. “Would you go to his chamber and ask him to come here?” Peter looked at Mary for her approval. She smiled and nodded in agreement. He then silently nodded and ran from the chamber.

After he had left Catherine sat down on the bed. “I am so scared.” She whispered. Mary and Susan both sat down beside her. “We know dear but I guarantee you that everything will be fine for you and that wonderful baby once you talk to Vincent.” Catherine smiled at her. “You know about the baby?” Mary smiled and nodded. “Yes I was in Father’s chamber when Peter told Vincent.” Catherine smiled again. “What do you think about it?” Mary cupped her cheek. “Catherine you are giving Vincent the one thing that he thought he could never have how could I feel anything but love for you or that child?” Catherine began to cry and embraced the older woman. She smiled and whispered. “I love you Mary.” Mary moved back and cupped her cheek. “And l love you dear child.” She then took Catherine in her arms and held her.

Meanwhile Vincent is in his chamber gathering his belongings. Father entered the chamber and smiled. “Well it looks as if a bomb went off in here.” He joked. Vincent looked up at him and slightly smiled. “I was not sure what to take or how much to take.” He reasoned. Father smiled and nodded. Then he handed Vincent the medical supplies. Vincent took them. “Thank you for understanding that I have to do this Father.” He whispered. Father smiled. “I will worry until you and Catherine have returned but I agree that you have to go and set things right between you.”

Vincent was about to speak again when Daniel and Lisa entered the chamber. Daniel smiled and put his bag on Vincent’s table. “I am ready.” He stated. Vincent smiled. “Daniel thank you again for offering to come along.” Daniel shook his head. “Hey this happened partly because of us so it is the least I can do.” Vincent smiled then sobered. “I can’t believe how I hurt and failed her tonight.” He whispered. Father was about to speak when Lisa shook her head. “Vincent you did not fail Catherine I should have never asked you to stay and help with the plans then you would have noticed the time and left promptly.” She stated.

They were quiet for a few seconds when Lisa smiled. “Think of it this way Vincent Catherine was going to give you a very special and wonderful gift tonight.” She mused. Vincent smiled and sat down on his bed. “I still can’t believe that she is carrying our child.” He whispered.

At that moment he cocked his head as if listening for something. Everyone in the chamber looked at him. “Vincent is everything all right?” Father asked concerned. Vincent stayed quiet for a few seconds then smiled. “Catherine is somewhere below.” He stated as he stood. Father smiled. “Do you know exactly where?” Vincent listened once again.

Then suddenly a voice interrupted his thoughts. “She is waiting to see you in Mary’s chamber.” Everyone turned to see Peter entering the chamber. Vincent moved over toward him. “How is she?” He asked. Peter smiled. “Susan and I finally convinced her to come below and talk to you.” He explained. “I thought she had left town?” Father asked confused. Peter smiled. “She was on her way out of the city when she decided to come back and fight for her and your baby’s future.” Vincent smiled. “That sounds more like my Catherine.” He remarked. Then without another word he ran from the chamber. Everyone smiled as they watched him go.

After he had gone Peter looked at Father. “Why don’t you and I go have some tea?” He asked. Father smiled and nodded. “Yes my nerves could use a cup of nice tea.” Father then looked at Daniel and Lisa. “Would the two of you like to join us?” He asked. The couple smiled and shook their heads. “No thank you Father we are going to spend some time together then I have to go retrieve my tools from the area around the abyss where I was working.” Daniel commented. Father smiled and nodded. “All right see you both later.” Then they all left the chamber.

Back in Mary’s chamber Catherine began to pace. Mary and Susan watched her then smiled at one another. “Cathy you need to relax.” Susan told her. Catherine smiled at her. “I am just so nervous.” She remarked. Mary rose from the bed and led Catherine back toward it. She smiled as Catherine sat down. “Why on earth should you be nervous Vincent loves you?” Mary asked. Catherine looked down at her hands. “I just don’t know how he is going to react to everything when we see one another.” She whispered.

At that moment Vincent entered the chamber. Susan and Mary saw him first. “Why don’t you ask him how he feels about everything yourself.” Mary stated. Catherine looked up at her then she followed Mary’s gaze and caught her first sight of Vincent that night. Mary then rose and approached Susan. “We will leave you two alone we will be in Father’s chamber if you need us.” Mary told them. Then they left the chamber.

Once they were gone Vincent moved over and sat beside her. “Catherine please forgive me for everything that happened tonight.” He requested. She looked up into his blue eyes and saw all the love that he had for her and their child. She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I forgive you.” She whispered. Vincent wrapped his arms around her gently and held her as his tears began to fall. “I could not believe it when Peter told me that you had left.” He whispered. Catherine moved back and looked at him. “I am sorry about that I was not think clearly.” Vincent nodded. “Please Catherine don’t ever leave me like that again I don’t think I could take it.” He begged. She embraced him again and held him. “Neither could I that is why I had to come back I could not run away and give up on us or our dream.” Vincent smiled and suddenly pulled her over onto his lap. Catherine was shocked by this move. “What are you doing?” She asked surprised. He smiled slyly. “I want to be as close to you and our child as I can.” He whispered. Then he captured her lips in a very passionate kiss.

When they separated both of them was breathless. Vincent laid his forehead against hers. “Vincent Peter told me that our bond is changing.” Catherine finally commented. Vincent sighed and nodded. “Yes there are times when I cannot sense you.” He whispered. She looked at him concerned. “Why didn’t you tell me about this?” He sighed. “I was not sure what to do about it and I did not want to frighten you.” He told her. “Catherine with your work I cannot be sure now when you could be in danger.” He stated.

Then he saw the smile on her face. “What?” He asked. “Vincent you remember three weeks ago when I told you about Jenny?” She asked. Vincent nodded. He tightened his arms around her protectively at the thought of her losing their child. Catherine smiled at the gesture. “I know my love I thought of our baby too when Joe told me about them losing their baby.” She whispered. Vincent looked at her shocked. “You knew then?” He asked. She smiled again. “I had just found out that day at lunch.” She explained. “Then when Joe asked you to replace him that is why you refused?” Catherine nodded. “Yes in fact I resigned.” Vincent was totally shocked. “Why Catherine you were very good at your job.” He stated. She smiled and caressed his cheek. “When I found out that we were having this baby all I wanted to do was be a full time mother from that moment on.” She explained. Vincent smiled lovingly at her. “And you are going to be a wonderful mother.” He whispered. He then kissed her once again.

They kissed until someone behind them cleared their throat. Vincent looked over his shoulder and saw Daniel and Lisa. “Are we interrupting?” Daniel asked. Catherine and Vincent both smiled. “No of course not come in.” Catherine told them. Both smiled and entered the chamber. “We are so glad that you worked everything out.” Lisa stated. She then looked at Catherine. “I am so sorry about what you heard earlier.” Catherine smiled. “That is all right Lisa I misunderstood my hormones are running rampant since I became pregnant.” Vincent looked at her. “Catherine your reaction was perfectly normal.” He told her. She smiled at him lovingly.

After a few minutes Daniel and Lisa left the chamber. Vincent set Catherine down on the bed beside him. He then stood. “Catherine I want to ask you something.” He whispered. She looked up at him expectantly. He then knelt in front of her. “Would you move below so that we can raise our child together?” She smiled as tears began to come into her eyes. “Yes my love of course I will.” She whispered. Then they kissed once again.

This time after they parted Vincent stood once again. He smiled and extended his hand to her. “Come my love let us go and tell Father that you are moving below.” She smiled and took his hand. They walked out of the chamber arm in arm. When they reached Father’s chamber they found him there with Mary, Susan, and Peter. All of them smiled when the couple entered. “Father we came to tell you that Catherine will be moving below very soon so that we can raise our child together.” Father smiled happily. “That is wonderful news I could not be happier for both of you.” Peter and Susan rose and embraced the couple. “We wanted to see you before we left.” Peter told them. “We are very happy that all this has been worked out.” Susan added. Catherine smiled and put her arm around Vincent’s waist. “Thank you both for everything.” Peter and Susan both smiled then they left the tunnels.

Father smiled again. “Why don’t the two of you go somewhere and have a belated anniversary celebration?” He asked. Catherine and Vincent both smiled. “That is a wonderful idea.” Catherine told him. Vincent nodded. Then they left the chamber.

As they were walking down the tunnel Catherine smiled up at him. “We could go to the apartment.” She whispered. Vincent smiled and pulled her into his arms. “That is exactly what I had in mind.” He whispered seductively. Catherine smiled. “I will go up to Peter’s and then drive back to my building.” She told him. Vincent nodded. “I will unpack my things then meet you on the balcony in a half an hour.” Catherine nodded. “I will be waiting for you.” Vincent smiled and kissed her. “I love you my Catherine.” He whispered. She sighed in his arms. “And I love you.” She answered. Then they walked to the tunnel entrance at Peter’s house.

After Catherine had left Vincent went to his chamber and unpacked. Then he decided to go and talk to Father. “Father I would to ask you something.” He remarked as he entered. Father put down the ledger and smiled. “Yes of course Vincent.” He responded. Vincent smiled and sat down. “Father you told me a while back that if I ever wanted Margaret’s engagement ring for Catherine that you would give it to me.” He commented. Father smiled knowingly. “Yes son I did.” Vincent smiled. “Well I would like to take you up on your offer for the ring.” Father smiled again and rose. He walked over and pulled a small box out of his bureau. He then handed it to Vincent. “I am very happy that you are getting the life that I always wanted for you.” He whispered. Vincent rose and embraced him. “I could never have this life if not for Catherine.” He stated. Then Father watched as his special son left the chamber. He mused as he thought to himself. Vincent is going to realize his and Catherine’s destiny tonight. He then retired to his bedchamber for a good night’s rest.

To be continued in part four.