From Nightmares to Sweet Dreams
By Dawn Yzaguirre

Part Four

Meanwhile Catherine returned home and unpacked. She then ran into the kitchen and put their dinner once again in the oven. She walked back into the living room and was about to sit down on the sofa when she looked out onto the balcony. She smiled and walked out into the night air. She turned back to look again into the apartment. Remembering the candles she walked back inside and lit them again.

As she was finishing the last candle Vincent stepped into the balcony doors. She looked up and smiled at him. “It was three years ago tonight.” She remarked as she slowly approached him. Vincent smiled and opened his arms. “Yes and I am thankful that I found you that night.” He responded. Catherine snuggled into his embrace. “Vincent you have changed my life in more ways than I can ever tell you.” She whispered. Then she lifted her head from his chest. “I love you more today than I ever thought possible.” Vincent smiled and cupped her cheek. “Catherine I am the one who is blessed to have you in my life.” He whispered. Then he gently kissed her.

As they parted she smiled. “I thought that our dream had come to an end earlier tonight.” She confided. Vincent sighed and held her a bit tighter. “Catherine our dream will never end and now that we are being blessed with this remarkable child that dream will last forever.” She smiled as her tears began to flow. “My love why are you crying?” He asked. “I am just so happy.” She whispered. “Three years ago my life was so boring and mundane then I met you and that all changed.” Vincent smiled and pulled her to him once again. “That night was one of the worst in your life but look what we both gained from it.” She leaned back and smiled. “We gained everything.” She whispered. Then they kissed once again.

This time when they parted Catherine smiled. “Come in let me take your cloak.” Vincent nodded and slipped it off his shoulders. Catherine took it from him and hung it over the chair in her bedroom. She then started to move away from him toward the living room. Suddenly Vincent reached out and wrapped his arms around her pulling her back against his chest. She smiled as he gently caressed her small tummy. She smiled at this gesture. “Catherine can our dinner wait a while longer?” He asked in a seductive whisper. She smiled. “Whatever for Vincent?” She asked. He chuckled slightly at her teasing. “Because the only thing I want right now is you my angel.” Then he softly began to kiss her neck. She moaned and moved her neck to give him better access. “I think dinner can wait.” She whispered. “Just let me go and put it on warm.” Vincent sighed and reluctantly released her. “Hurry back my love I want you.” She shivered at the tone in his voice. She walked out of the bedroom toward the kitchen.

When she returned to the bedroom she smiled. Vincent was sitting on the bed. He had removed his boots and socks. “I am back my love.” She whispered. Vincent smiled and stood. “Come my love I need you.” He then extended his hand. She shook her head. “No Vincent I want to make love in front of the fireplace.” She whispered. Vincent smiled. “That could be very romantic.” He stated. She smiled and nodded. Then she moved over and took the coverlet off the bed. Vincent took it from her and smiled. “I will go and spread this out.” He told her. She smiled and nodded. “I will be out in a few moments.” He smiled then left the bedroom.

Once he was gone Catherine smiled to herself. She looked in her closet and pulled out the Victoria’s Secret box that she had hidden there. Opening the box she pulled out the beautiful ivory colored gown. She had bought this a while back for this night. She knew that Vincent would love it. “Catherine are you all right?” Vincent asked from the living room. “Yes love I will be out in a few minutes.” She responded. Then she quickly changed into the gown.

Once she was changed she moved toward the bedroom door. She quietly opened it and stepped into the living room. She smiled when she saw Vincent on one knee rekindling the fire. He had removed his tunic and his shirt and was bare to the waist. He is the most gorgeous man I have ever seen. Catherine thought to herself. She was brought out of her thoughts when she felt Vincent’s arms come around her. “You look so beautiful my angel.” He whispered as he once again began kissing her. She smiled against his lips. Then she moved back. “Thank you darling I wanted to wear something special for you tonight.” Vincent smiled slyly. “Well my love you look exquisite but I guarantee that you are not going to be wearing this beautiful gown for very long.” He whispered seductively. She smiled again. “I should hope not.” She answered. Then he kissed her again.

When they parted Vincent trailed soft kisses down her neck. Catherine lifted her neck to allow him more access to her soft skin. She moaned as his hands moved over her entire body. “I have never wanted you more than I do at this moment.” Vincent whispered in her ear. She smiled. “I want you too.” She moaned. Vincent gently lifted his hand to the strap of her gown. He pulled it off her shoulder and kissed her shoulder where it had lain. Then he lowered the other strap. Catherine shivered as the silky gown slid down her body and pooled at her feet.

She stepped out of it and moved forward. Vincent took her in his arms and held her. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” He whispered. She smiled and began to trail soft kissed down his jawline and neck. Vincent moaned softly. “Oh Catherine I need you so much.” He whispered. She smiled to herself. She knew how she was affecting him. “I need you too Vincent.” She told him. Vincent then removed the remainder of his clothes. He then lowered her to the coverlet. She lay down and opened her arms and smiled. “Come to me my love.” Vincent smiled and lay down beside her. “Catherine I have never loved anyone as much as I love you.” He whispered as he began to caress her. She moaned softly as his hands were softly moving over her sensitized skin. “Please Vincent make love to me now!” She cried out as his hands gently caressed her hidden treasures. Vincent smiled and leaned over her. “Not yet my angel I want to savor this moment.” He whispered.

Catherine could not believe how Vincent was making her feel. He began kissing her neck again as she lay beneath him. She shivered as he moved down toward her chest. When he reached the swell of her breasts he gently kissed the turgid peaks of her nipples. Then he took one into his mouth. Catherine moaned and began to writhe under him as he sucked and licked her. “Oh Vincent yes!” She cried out. Vincent then moved to the other nipple doing the same as he had to the other. Catherine felt like she was on fire. Vincent was doing things to her that she could not believe. She shivered when she felt his hand slip down her body. “Do you want me to touch you Catherine?” He asked in a low seductive tone. All she could do was nod as his hands caressed her soft skin. Vincent smiled as he moved his hand down to the soft area of her womanhood. Catherine moaned as he gently pushed her legs apart. “Do you want me to touch you here my angel?” Vincent asked as her gently stroked her with one finger. She shivered involuntarily at his actions. “Yes Vincent please touch me!” She begged finally finding her voice. Vincent chuckled low in his chest. “Are you getting impatient my love?” She opened her eyes and smiled. “I am always impatient when it comes to you.” She answered.

Vincent shifted slightly as he looked deeply into her eyes. Then before Catherine could say anything he entered her with two fingers. Catherine’s breath caught in her throat as he stroked her. “Oh Vincent yes please!” She cried. She began to move her hips in cadence with the rhythm of his fingers. Vincent took her nipple in his mouth once again and suckled her as he continued his ministrations. Catherine thrashed her head back and forth as he pleasured her. Suddenly he removed his fingers. She opened her eyes and looked at him. “No Vincent Don’t stop I need you.” She whispered. Vincent smiled and leaned up toward her. “Don’t worry my soft little angel I am not done.” Then he kissed her.

When he broke the kiss he sat up on his haunches. Catherine smiled up at him and gently caressed his chest. “What are you up to Vincent?” She asked smiling. He smiled at her and chuckled. “You will see my Catherine.” He whispered. He then leaned forward and gently kissed her stomach. “Your father loves you little one.” He whispered to their child. Catherine smiled as tears came to her eyes at his words. “You are going to be a wonderful Father.” She whispered. Vincent smiled. “And you are going to be an exquisite mother.” He responded. Vincent then smiled. “Now my love where was I?” He asked. She giggled. “I am sure I don’t know Vincent.” She responded. Vincent then smiled again. “Ah yes I remember now.” He told her seductively. Then he leaned forward and thrust his tongue deep inside of her. She moaned as her passion began to rise. “Oh Vincent you don’t know what you do to me!” She cried out. Vincent loved that he was making her so happy. He increased his actions making Catherine even more vocal. “Yes oh God yes love me with your mouth!” She screamed.

Vincent waited until she was about to fall over the edge. Then he moved back from her. Catherine whimpered as she felt him leave her. “No Vincent please don’t leave me I need you!” She cried. Vincent leaned over her and cupped her cheek. “Catherine open your eyes and look at me please.” He requested. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled into two dark pools of pure love and passion. “Catherine I will never leave you.” He whispered. “We are one now and our child is the proof of that.” He then kissed her. She smiled and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. “You have no idea how much I love you.” She told him. Vincent smiled. “And how much is that?” He asked. She smiled. “I have never loved any man as deeply and passionately as I love you.” She told him. Then she kissed him.

As they parted from their kiss Vincent smiled. “So my little vixen are you ready to receive me?” He asked. He then touched her womanhood. He smiled when he felt the moisture there. “Yes it would seem that you are ready.” He whispered. Then without another word he thrust into her. Catherine moaned and wrapped her legs around him. They moved together kissing and touching one another. Then suddenly their orgasms hit. Vincent kissed her hard to drown out her scream and his roar.

Later that night Catherine awoke and smiled when she saw Vincent smiling and gently caressing her stomach. He then noticed that she was awake. He smiled and removed his hand. She grabbed it again and placed it back on her stomach. “I did not mean to wake you.” He whispered as he leaned forward and kissed her. She smiled happily. “I am so happy that you are excited about our baby you are going to be a wonderful father.” Vincent smiled. “Catherine after father and Peter told me that I probably would never father a child I was so devastated.” She smiled. “I know my love so was I.” He touched her cheek. “Then when you told me that you thought I did not want you to be the mother of my child I felt that I was robbing you of this gift.” He whispered. She touched his cheek. “Well my love we no longer have to worry about that.” He nodded. “Yes we are going to have a wonderful child.”

Suddenly Vincent rose from their makeshift bed. Catherine rose onto one elbow watching him. “Vincent are you all right?” She asked concerned. He smiled at her. “Yes my angel I just need to get something out of my pouch.” He then disappeared into the bedroom. He took the pouch out of the pocket of his cloak. Opening it he retrieved the small ring box. He smiled as he held it. This was the moment that they had both dreamed would happen.

Then he returned to the living room. Catherine smiled as he lay back down beside her. “Where did you go?” She asked as she snuggled up next to him. Vincent smiled. “I had to get this from my cloak.” He whispered. He then handed the ring box to her. Catherine sat up and took the box from him. “What is it Vincent?” She asked. Vincent smiled. “Open it and find out.” She took a deep breath and slowly opened the lid of the small box. She stared at the beautiful diamond ring that lay nestled in the velvet. Vincent sat up and took the box from her. “I asked Father for this tonight.” He whispered. Catherine lifted her head and looked into his blue eyes. Vincent smiled and took her left hand in his. “Catherine I have very little to offer you but my love and devotion but if that is enough for you and our child I would be very honored if you would be my wife.” He whispered.

Catherine sat there for a few seconds speechless. Then she looked back up into his blue eyes. “Oh yes Vincent I will marry you whenever you want!” She cried. Vincent smiled and placed the ring on her finger. Then he gently kissed her hand. “I will love and take care of you and our child until my last breath.” He whispered reverently. He then wrapped his arms around Catherine and held her as she cried. “I love you more than I ever thought possible.” She whispered. Vincent smiled. “As I love you my Catherine.”

After a few moments Catherine smiled. “I don’t know about you but your child and I are starving.” Vincent smiled and rose. “We can’t have the two of you hungry now can we?” He asked. He then pulled her to her feet. She smiled and put her arm around him. “Come on let’s go finish dinner.” She commented. Once dinner was over Vincent rose and moved around the table beside Catherine. He smiled down at Catherine. “What are you thinking?” She asked. Vincent smiled then suddenly scooped her up in his arms. “I want you again.” He whispered. Catherine giggled. “You are incorrigible you know that.” She stated. Vincent chuckled. “Yes I am but only for you.” He then captured her lips in a very passionate kiss.

When they parted both of them were breathless. “Now my angel I am going to make love to you again.” He told her. Catherine smiled and snuggled into his arms. “Yes my love make love to me again.” She whispered. He then carried her back to their makeshift bed in front of the fireplace where they once again became lost in their passion for one another.

The next evening Vincent Catherine returned to the tunnels with some of her belongings. They walked into Father’s chamber and found him there with most of the tunnel inhabitants. Vincent and Catherine immediately knew that something was very wrong. “What has happened?” Vincent asked as he walked over and knelt in front of Father’s chair. Father looked at him sadly. “Vincent something tragic has happened.” He whispered. Vincent put his hand on Father’s. “Tell me.” He requested. Father took a deep breath then spoke again. “Last night after the two of you left Daniel went to the area around the abyss to retrieve his tools.” He began. “He was about to return when he lost his footing and fell into the abyss.” Catherine gasped and put her hand over her mouth. Mary moved over and put her arm around Catherine’s shoulders. Vincent looked up at his parent. “How is Lisa?” He asked. Father shook his head. “She is devastated I had to tell her when I was informed.” He stated. “Where is she Father?” Catherine asked. Father looked up at her. “She is in her chamber packing.” Vincent looked at him. “She is packing?” Father nodded. “She has decided to go to Paris.” He explained. Vincent rose to his feet. “I have to go talk to her.” He stated. Then he felt a hand on his arm. “No Vincent we have to go talk to her.” Catherine stated. Vincent smiled at her. He loved her so much that he was constantly amazed by her strength. “Yes we have to go talk to her.” He corrected. Then they left the chamber.

When they arrived at Lisa’s chamber they entered and found her sitting on the bed crying. “Lisa may Catherine and I come in?” Vincent asked quietly. Lisa lifts her head from her hands. “Oh God Vincent I’ve lost him!” She sobbed as she rose and ran into his arms. “Shh it will be all right in time.” He crooned. He looked over and saw the tears in Catherine’s eyes. “Come let’s sit down.” Vincent whispered as he led Lisa back into her chamber. Catherine followed and they all sat down. “Vincent Catherine the two of you are very luck to have one another never take that for granted.” Lisa told them. Catherine smiled and touched her arm. “We won’t.” She stated. Lisa smiled at her. “Do you have to leave?” Vincent asked. Lisa looked at him and nodded. “I can’t stay here where Daniel and I were planning to spend the rest of our lives and have a family.” She explained. “Where will you go?” Catherine asked. Lisa looked at her and smiled. “I have contacted some of my friends in Paris they want me to come stay with them for a while.” She explained. She then noticed the ring on Catherine’s finger. “Am I to presume that congratulations are in order?” She asked smiling. Catherine smiled and extended her hand. “Vincent proposed to me last night.” She stated. Lisa rose and hugged Catherine. Then she hugged Vincent. “You are both very lucky I am very happy for you both.” She then grabbed her suitcase. “Well I have a plane to catch.” She commented. Vincent rose from the bed and stood beside her. “You will keep in touch won’t you?” He asked. Lisa smiled and nodded. “Yes I want to find out how the two of you and that baby are doing.” She told them. She then embraced them once again and quickly left the chamber.

After she was gone Vincent sat back down on the bed. Catherine moved from the chair she was sitting in and sat down next to him. “She just needs time to heal.” She whispered. Vincent nodded. “I know I was just happy to have my friend back.” Catherine smiled. “I know you were sweetheart maybe she will return in time.” Vincent sighed and shook his head. “No she won’t come back.” He whispered. Catherine wrapped her arms around him and held him as he cried over the death of his friend and the departure of another.

A month and a half after Daniel’s death Catherine was standing in the guest chamber preparing for her wedding to Vincent. “Are you ready?” A female voice asked from the entrance of the chamber. Catherine turned and smiled when she saw Jenny and Mary entering the chamber. “Yes I am almost ready.” She told them. “My dear you look beautiful.” Mary commented. Catherine smiled and looked down at her dress. “Peter had my mother’s wedding dress brought out of storage.” Jenny smiled. “I was not aware that you even knew where her dress was.” Catherine nodded. “Yes daddy always told me that she wanted me to wear it when I married.” Mary could see the hint of sadness in her eyes. “Catherine I know they are both looking down on you today and smiling.” Catherine smiled and nodded. “Yes Mary I believe that they are my mother always wanted me to have a happy life and I believe this is what she meant.” Then she smoothed the dress. “Now tell me the truth do I look too fat?” She asked. Mary and Jenny smiled at one another. “Don’t be silly Cathy you look beautiful Vincent is going to be mesmerized.” Mary nodded. “Yes he will.” She agreed. Then she smiled and handed Catherine a small box. Catherine took it and looked at Mary. “What is this?” She asked. Mary smiled. “My mother gave this to me the day I married my husband and I always said that if I had a daughter I would give it to her.” She explained. Catherine smiled and opened the small box. She gasped when she saw the beautiful pearl earrings. “Oh Mary they are exquisite.” Catherine whispered. Then she looked at the older woman. “Are you sure you want me to have them?” Mary smiled and cupped her cheek. “I could not ask for a better person to have them.” She stated. Then she embraced Catherine. “I love you Mary.” Catherine whispered as they parted. “And I love you dear now let’s finish getting you ready.” Mary remarked.

In Vincent’s chamber he was getting ready with Devin and Joe. “I am so glad that you came home.” Vincent told his brother. Devin smiled and put his hand on Vincent’s shoulder. “I would not have missed your wedding for anything.” Joe smiled. “Neither would Jenny and I when we found out we came back immediately.” Vincent looked at his friend. “How are the two of you coping?” He asked. Joe smiled. “I have never seen anyone stronger than my beautiful wife.” He commented. “We have even been talking about trying to have another child.” Vincent smiled. “That is wonderful my friend.” Then Father and Peter entered the chamber. “So are you ready?” Peter asked. Vincent smiled and nodded. “I have never been more ready for something in my life.” Peter smiled again and nodded. “Is Catherine ready?” Joe asked. Father smiled proudly. “Yes they have gone to their positions in the great hall.” Vincent smiled. “Well then I suppose we should also leave.” He stated. Then they all left the chamber.

A short time later Father, Vincent, Joe, and Devin walked into the great hall and took their positions. Everyone smiled and talked about how happy Vincent looked. Suddenly the music began. Everyone turned and smiled when Jamie entered the hall. She looked beautiful in the white dress that she wore. Father and Vincent both smiled as she took her position. They marveled at what a beautiful young woman she had grown to be. Then they looked at the entrance again and smiled when Jenny came down the steps. She smiled happily when she saw Joe standing beside Devin. He smiled in return and winked at her. Vincent looked back over his shoulder and smiled at his friend. He knew how in love they were.

When Jenny took her position the music changed and everyone gasped when Catherine and Peter entered the chamber. Vincent was stunned at how beautiful she looked. He smiled as she walked toward him. She seemed to be floating. As they reached the altar Peter smiled and placed Catherine’s hand in Vincent’s. He kissed her cheek. Then moved back to his seat beside Mary. Vincent and Catherine smiled at each other then they turned toward Father. He smiled at both of them then began to speak. “Dearly beloved we have come here today to witness the joining of Vincent and Catherine their love has seen many trials and tribulations but they have withstood them and come through them to be here today to join their lives.” He then looked at Vincent. “Vincent do you take Catherine as your wife?” Vincent looked at Catherine and smiled. “Yes I do.” He stated proudly. Father then looked at Catherine. “And Catherine do you take Vincent to be your husband?” She smiled as her tears began to fall. “Yes with all my heart.” She stated. Father then looked at Vincent again. “Do you have a ring for Catherine?” Vincent nodded then turned toward Devin. He took the ring and turned back toward Catherine. “This ring I give you as a token of my love and devotion.” He stated as he placed it on her finger. Catherine turned and took her father’s wedding ring from Jenny. “Vincent this was my father’s ring I give it you as a token of my love and devotion.” She told him emotionally.

Once they had exchanged rings Vincent and Catherine once again faced Father. “Now that you have exchanged rings and promises of love I am very proud to announce that you are man and wife.” Father told them. He then smiled. “Vincent would you please kiss your wife?” He asked. Vincent smiled. “It would be my honor.” He stated. Then he pulled Catherine into his arms and captured her lips in a sweet and passionate kiss.

As they parted Vincent smiled at his beautiful wife. “I love you so much.” He whispered. Catherine smiled as the tears came to her eyes. “I love you too.” Then he took her hand and led her down the aisle as the wedding party followed. A few minutes later everyone approached the great hall. Vincent was about to move toward the great door when Devin smiled and shook his head. “Not tonight little brother you stay with your wife.” Then he along with a few other tunnel men moved forward and opened the door. Vincent smiled down at Catherine. Then he led her into the great hall.

As the lights came up Catherine gasped. “Oh Vincent this is so beautiful.” She whispered. He smiled and nodded. “Yes it is Mary and the others really outdid themselves.” He then led her to the table that was designated for them. Once everyone was in the hall the musicians picked up their instruments. Vincent smiled and stood. “May I have this dance Mrs. Wells?” He asked as he extended his hand. Catherine smiled and rose. “Of course I would love to dance.” She told him. Father and Peter smiled as they watched the couple walk onto the dance floor. “I was so afraid that I would never see them this happy again.” Peter remarked. Father nodded. “So was I especially after that horrible mix up on their anniversary.” Peter nodded. “Yes I thought it was the end for them.” He remarked. Father sighed. “I am just thankful that it worked out now Catherine is here and she will be having their baby here.” Peter smiled. “That is another thing that I am glad we were wrong about.” He stated. “I think that their child is one of the luckiest children.” Father smiled. “Yes that child is going to be very lucky.” Then they watched as Vincent and Catherine continued to dance.

At the end of the dance Vincent pulled Catherine closer. “I love you Catherine.” He whispered. Catherine smiled up at him. “And I absolutely adore you.” She answered as they came together in a passionate kiss. When they parted Catherine smiled into his blue eyes. They had forgotten that anyone was even there with them until they heard the cheers. Catherine looked around suddenly. She then looked at Vincent and started to giggle. She buried her face in his chest. “They are happy for us Catherine.” He whispered as he held her.

Later in the evening everyone gathered around as William brought in the wedding cake. Vincent and Catherine cut the cake and took turns feeding it to one another. Then they returned to the dance floor for another dance. Everyone was so happy for his or her favorite couple. They could see the love between Vincent and Catherine as they held one another on the dance floor. When they saw that the reception was beginning to break up Vincent stood and smiled at his wife. “Shall we leave now?” Catherine smiled and rose. “Yes my love.” She whispered.

They were almost at the chamber entrance when they were spotted. They smiled as everyone turned and showered them with rose petals. Vincent then happily scooped his bride up into his arms and ran from the great hall as everyone watched and cheered.

Once they were at a safe distance Vincent put Catherine down on her feet again. “Now my angel for your next surprise.” He whispered. Catherine looked up at him and smiled. “What are you up to?” She asked smiling. Vincent smiled and shook his head. “I am not talking so you will just have to wait and see.” He stated. She then pouted. “But you know I can’t stand surprises.” Vincent smiled as he stopped walking and pulled her into his arms. “Yes I know that you are very impatient but please just go along with me on this.” He requested. Catherine looked up at him and smiled. “I will go along with you on anything.” She whispered. Then they kissed once again.

After a few minutes they reached a distant chamber. Catherine smiled at Vincent. “Why are we coming here?” She asked. Vincent smiled and put his arm around her. “This is part of your surprise.” He told her. Then he led her into the chamber. Catherine looked around and smiled. “This is so beautiful.” She whispered. Vincent smiled and pulled her into his arms. “Do you like our new chamber?” He asked. Catherine looked up at him. “Our new chamber?” She asked confused. Vincent smiled and nodded. “Yes with our little one on the way I thought that a bigger chamber would be appropriate.” Catherine smiled. “You are the most wonderful man I have ever met.” She told him. Vincent smiled. “Does that mean you approve?” He asked. Catherine wrapped her arms around his waist. “I not only approve I love it more than you could ever know.”

Vincent suddenly lifted Catherine into his arms. “What are you doing now?” She asked with a giggle. Vincent kissed her as he walked across the chamber. “I want to make love to my wife.” He whispered. Catherine smiled. “I would love that.” She told him. That night they shared their burning passion for one another. Vincent discovered that Catherine needed him as much as he needed her. And they reveled in their love for one another.

To be concluded in part five.