From Nightmares to Sweet Dreams
By Dawn Yzaguirre

Part Five

The next morning Catherine awoke and found Vincent watching her sleep. “How long have you been awake?” She asked as she turned over and snuggled closer to him. Vincent smiled and tightened his arms around her. “Not long.” He whispered. Catherine sighed. “I have never been happier than I am at this moment.” Vincent smiled and gently touched her stomach. “And we have much too look forward to in our future.” Catherine smiled. “Yes we do.” She stated. They lay there for the rest of the morning talking about their future and their child.

As time went on Vincent and Catherine settled into their wonderful life below. Catherine spent her days helping Mary with the children and spending time with Vincent. He doted on her shamelessly. Everyone thought that it was very touching seeing the great love between the two of them.

Then one afternoon during Catherine’s sixth month of pregnancy Father entered their chamber. “Vincent may I come in? He asked. Vincent and Catherine looked up from the book that they were reading and smiled. “Of course Father is there a problem?” Father smiled and sat down. “I am afraid that you are going to be needed on a repair job today.” Vincent sighed. “But I was hoping to spend the day with Catherine.” She smiled and touched Vincent’s cheek. “Darling I am sure that Father would not ask if it were not important.” She told him. “Besides Jenny sent me an invitation last night in her note to come above and have lunch.” Vincent looked at her. “Are you certain that you should with you so far along?” She smiled then looked at Father. “What do you think?” She asked. Father smiled. “Vincent Catherine is coming along wonderfully in her pregnancy I don’t see what going above to have lunch with Jenny would hurt.” He stated. Vincent smiled and looked at his wife. “Well if Father is sure.” He commented. Catherine smiled and hugged him. “I will miss you but when you get home I will be here waiting.” Vincent smiled again. “Promise me that you will take great care of yourself and our baby.” He pleaded. Catherine cupped his cheek. “You know I will.” She whispered. Then she kissed him. Father smiled and rose from the chair he was sitting in. “Well I will go inform the men that you will join them shortly.” Vincent and Catherine broke their kiss and blushed when they realized that Father was still in the chamber. “Yes I will escort Catherine to the park entrance then join them.” Father smiled again then left the chamber.

A few minutes later they were ready to leave. Vincent took Catherine’s hand and led her from the chamber. She smiled as he led her down the tunnels toward the park entrance. When they arrived She smiled and walked into his arms. “I will be careful.” She whispered. Vincent tightened his arms around her as much as he could. “I know and I am glad that you are going to see Jenny please tell her that she and Joe should come below again soon.” Catherine smiled and looked up at him. “Yes I will tell them.” She then put her arms around his neck. “I love you.” She whispered. Vincent smiled and lowered his head. “I love you too.” He answered as their lips came together in a passionate kiss.

After a few moments they parted. Then with one last hug and gentle kiss Catherine opened the secret door and left the tunnels to meet with Jenny. Vincent stood there for a few moments after she had left. He closed his eyes and prayed that Catherine and their child would be safe and return to him soon. He turned and started down the tunnel as a message came over the pipes that let him know that the work crew was waiting for him to join them. He would worry about Catherine until he saw her once again but he knew that he had a job to do and that the crew was counting on him.

Catherine entered Mario’s restaurant and smiled when she spotted Jenny. “Hey Jen.” She called out. Jenny turned around and smiled as she moved toward Catherine. “Cath I am so glad that I got your message that you could have lunch.” Then she embraced her friend. “You look terrific.” Catherine smiled as they parted. “Vincent always tells me that.” Jenny giggled. “Well he is madly in love with you and you are carrying his child would you expect anything different?” Catherine smiled and shook her head. “No he is one of the best parts of my life.” Jenny smiled. “Man you really do have it bad.” She teased. Catherine smiled and shook her head. “Face it Cathy I have never heard you speak with such love and reverence about a man since I have known you.” Catherine nodded. “I have never known a man like Vincent in my life.”
They were suddenly approached by a maitre’d. “May I seat you ladies?” He asked. Catherine and Jenny smiled. “Yes we have a reservation under the name Maxwell.” Jenny told him. The man checked the book then smiled. “Yes Mrs. Maxwell please follow me to your table.” Jenny and Catherine smiled and followed him to a table toward the back of the restaurant.

Once they were seated he took their drink orders and handed them their menus then he left. “So how is that little one?” Jenny asked. Catherine smiled. “Father and Peter both told me yesterday that we are both doing wonderfully.” Jenny smiled. “And you look absolutely radiant I think being pregnant agrees with you.” Catherine smiled shyly. “That is something that I never thought I would hear.” Jenny touched her hand. “I know that when you thought that Vincent and you could not have children it was very heartbreaking.” Catherine nodded. “Yes but this little miracle has erased all that pain.” She stated as she gently touched her stomach.

Catherine was about to speak again when she looked across the restaurant and saw Stephen Bass entering the restaurant with a group of men. Jenny noticed the look on her face and turned to see what she was staring at. “Oh my God I can’t believe that he is out of the hospital.” Jenny remarked. Catherine looked at her friend and nodded. “Jenny would you call Joe and have him come to the restaurant?” Jenny looked at her. “Yes I think he needs to know that that maniac is on the streets again.” Jenny opened her purse and took out her cell phone. She quickly dialed Joe’s office number. “Joe honey could you come to Mario’s as soon as possible?” She asked. “What has happened is Cathy and the baby all right?” He asked urgently. “Yes but there is something here that you need to be aware of so please hurry.” Then they hung up. Jenny touched Catherine’s hand. “Joe is on his way.” She whispered. Catherine looked at her and nodded as she watched Stephen across the room.

A few minutes later Joe hurried into the restaurant and walked toward them. “What has happened?” He asked as he hugged Jenny. “Joe look over there.” Catherine whispered. Joe followed her gaze and gasped. “Oh my God what is he doing out?” He asked angrily. Catherine shook her head. “I don’t know but it frightens me.” She stated. Jenny rose. “Come on Cathy we are getting you out of here.” Catherine nodded then she rose.

They were about to move away from the table when Stephen approached them. “Cathy honey it is wonderful to see you.” Catherine sat back down she did not want him to see her protruding stomach. She was afraid of what he would do if he found out that she was pregnant. Joe turned around and looked at Stephen. “Bass you leave her the hell alone!” He warned. Stephen looked at him and smiled. “I can talk to whomever I please Mr. Maxwell I am no longer in the custody of the hospital.” Catherine looked up at him. “How long have you been out?” She asked. Stephen smiled at her. “I got out late last year they found that I was competent to take care of myself once again.” Catherine nodded. “Well I hope you have a wonderful life.” She told him. He smiled. “I will if you are a part of that life.” Catherine sighed and shook her head. “Stephen there is no possibility of us getting back together.” He shook his head. “Oh Cathy don’t worry I forgive you for having me put in that hospital I know that you were looking out for me after all.” Catherine nodded. “I wanted you to get the help you needed.” She whispered.

Jenny could see how uncomfortable Catherine was becoming. She cleared her throat and rose from her seat. “Well we really should be going.” Catherine looked at her. She knew that Stephen would have to know about her baby sooner or later so she rose from the chair. Stephen opened his mouth to speak when he saw her bulging stomach. “What in the world is going on Catherine?” He asked angrily. Catherine looked up at him. “I am pregnant.” She stated. Stephen nodded. “That is obvious who have you been sleeping with while I was locked in that hospital?” He asked the anger apparent in his tone. Catherine suddenly became angry. “Stephen my personal life is my business!” She stated bitterly. “Besides I think you should know that I am a very happily married woman and that my husband and I are happily anticipating the birth of our first child.” She smiled as she touched her stomach. She then turned toward Joe and Jenny. “Shall we go I have to get home.” They smiled and then the three of them left the restaurant. Once they were gone Stephen walked back over to his table. He made his excuses to his business partners then left the restaurant. He had to go home and decide how he was going to win Catherine back from this new man in her life.

After they had left the restaurant Jenny, Joe, and Catherine decided that they all needed to go below and talk to Vincent. “I know that he will be waiting at the park entrance.” Catherine told them as they walked toward the drainage tunnel. “He felt your anger?” Jenny asked. Catherine smiled. “Yes I am sure he did since the pregnancy has advanced our bond has become strong once again and now it is stronger in me as well.”

When they entered the drainage tunnel Catherine walked over and pushed the secret lever. The three of them watched as the door slid open. They were not surprised when Vincent stepped out of the tunnel. “Catherine my love are you and the baby all right?” He asked urgently. Catherine’s tears began to fall and she ran into his arms. “Hold me please Vincent!” She begged. Vincent was very concerned. He tightened his arms around her as far as they would go then looked at their friends. “Vincent I think that we should all go talk to Father about this.” Joe suggested. Vincent nodded. Then he gently picked Catherine up. “Come my love you and our baby are safe at home now.” He whispered. Then they entered the tunnel and closed the secret door.

A few minutes later they entered Father’s study. He and Mary looked up and smiled when they saw Joe and Jenny. Father was about to greet them when he saw Vincent enter the chamber with a very distraught Catherine in his arms. He rose quickly from his chair. “My God has something happened to the baby?” He asked. Then he looks apologetically at Jenny and Joe knowing that the loss of their child was still very painful for them. Both understand his concern and nod in total understanding.

Vincent gently sat down in his favorite chair with Catherine on his lap. “Catherine can you tell me what has happened?” He asked gently. Catherine lifted her head off his shoulder and looked at him. “While Jenny and I were at the restaurant we saw Stephen.” Vincent looked at her confused for a moment. Then he suddenly knew whom she was talking about. “Stephen Bass?” He asked. Catherine nodded. “Yes.” She whispered. Vincent looked over at Joe. “I thought he was still in the hospital.” Joe nodded. “So did I but he said that his doctors thought that he was well.” Vincent looked at Catherine again. “You spoke to him?” He asked. She nodded. “As we were leaving he walked up and started a conversation.” She stated. Vincent tightened his arms around her. “Catherine please don’t go above anymore especially until the baby is born.” He requested. Catherine nodded in agreement. “The only place above that I will go is to finish cleaning out the apartment.” She promised. Vincent nodded. “Yes and I will be accompanying you on these trips.” He remarked. Then he looked at Father. “If I am unavailable please have someone else go with her.” Father nodded. “Yes of course my son.” Vincent rose from his seat with Catherine in his arms. “You and the baby both need your rest.” He told her. She smiled and laid her head on his shoulder. Vincent turned and spoke to Jenny and Joe. “Thank you both for coming with her.” They both smiled and rose. “We wanted to tell you what happened.” Joe stated. “Let me know if I can do anything to help.” He added. As they are about to leave Joe turned back and looked at Catherine. “Cathy if someone below can’t be with you at your apartment give me a call and I will come.” Both she and Vincent smiled. “Thank you Joe we appreciate that.” Catherine whispered. Then Jenny and Joe left the tunnels.

Once they were gone Vincent looked at Father. “Please see that no one disturbs us.” Father smiled and nodded. “Yes of course now go get some rest.” He told Catherine. She lifted her head again and smiled. “Thank you Father.” She answered. Then they left the chamber. They spent the rest of the evening together in their chamber then at the Great Falls. Catherine soon let the tension of the day go and enjoyed her time with her husband.

That night as they lay in bed together Vincent caressed Catherine’s cheek. “I was so frightened when I saw you this afternoon.” Catherine smiled and nodded. “I know darling I was frightened also.” Vincent sighed. “I can’t believe that they released him.” Catherine rose onto her elbow and looked at him. “Vincent we are fine and I am not going to see Stephen again please don’t worry about it anymore.” She requested. Vincent smiled and pulled her back down into his arms. “I will try not to worry but with you and our baby I find it hard not to.” They fell asleep that night holding one another tightly.

As the weeks went on Catherine remained below. The only times that she ventured above were at night to the park with Vincent. They had begun to get their lives back on track. Then one day Catherine walked into Father’s chamber. “Catherine dear what are you doing today?” The tunnel elder asked as she sat down. Catherine smiled and poured herself some tea. “I was planning to go to my old apartment and get things finished.” Father looked up at her. “Dear is that wise I know that Vincent is not able to go with you.” Catherine nodded. “Father I think it is the perfect time Vincent is working below in the lower tunnels I can get someone to go with me.” Father sighed and shook his head. “There is no one available to go with you today everyone is extremely busy since the work crew had to leave so suddenly after the pipe breakage.” He explained. Catherine thought a moment. Then she rose from her chair. “Well I will call Joe and Jenny to come keep me company.” She stated as she kissed him. “Promise me you will be very careful.” Father requested. Catherine smiled. “Of course I will but Joe has not seen or heard from Stephen so I believe that he has given up.” Father shook his head. “Even if he has I want you to take every precaution.” She nodded. “Of course I will be back before Vincent returns.” She promised. Then she left the tunnels heading above.

She arrived a short time later at the apartment. Opening the door she stepped inside. She locked the door once again then walked over to the phone. Picking it up she quickly dialed Joe and Jenny’s number. She listened as the phone rang. Then she got their answering machine. “Hey Joe it’s Cathy I am at my old apartment cleaning it out would you come over when you get this message I had to come alone everyone below was very busy.” She then said hung up the phone. After that she decided to get to work. She moved into the bedroom and began to get her remaining things together.

Meanwhile out in front of the building a cab pulled up to the curb. Stephen smiled as he got out and paid the driver. He was determined to see Catherine and find out just whom she was married to. He walked up the steps and entered the lobby. Then he boarded the elevator and headed for the 18th floor. Catherine was working in the bedroom when she suddenly heard a knock at the door. She smiled as she moved into the living room. “Hey Joe thanks for coming.” She commented as she unlocked the door. But she was suddenly shocked to see Stephen. “What are you doing here?” She asked. He smiled lovingly at her. “I thought I would come see how my lady love was doing.” He stated. He then looked beyond her into the apartment. “May I come in?” He asked. Catherine sighed and shook her head. “No Stephen I am just about to leave.” He smiled and moved past her into the apartment ignoring her protests. “No Stephen I told you I am just about too leave to meet with my husband.” Stephen smiled as he sat down on a crate. “Come on Cathy we both know that you made that up.” He commented. “You got pregnant by someone and to save yourself the embarrassment of admitting it was a one night stand you told everyone that you were married to some secret man.” Catherine glared at him. “I assure you my husband is very real and in a few months our child will be here.” Stephen looked at her. “How far along are you anyway about four months?” He asked. Catherine smiled and touched her stomach. “No Stephen I am almost seven months pregnant.” Stephen stared at her for a moment. “Cathy come on that is not possible you would have to be married to someone with a different metabolism to be that pregnant and look only a few months along.”

Then he frowned. “Oh my God you are pregnant by that freak!” He yelled as he glared at her. “Vincent is the best thing that ever happened to me and he is the love of my life!” She yelled. Then she turned and started to walk toward the door. Stephen took out a bottle and a cloth. “No Cathy I am the love of your life.” He stated. Then he grabbed her from behind and shoved the cloth into her face. Catherine struggled for a few moments then everything went dark. Stephen then picked her up and carried her out of the apartment. “No one will have you but me Cathy.” He told her as he walked out the fire door and down the side steps to the outside of the building where he put her in a van that he had parked waiting. He then got in and drove away from the building.

Below Vincent was working on the lower tunnels when he suddenly felt Catherine’s anger and fear come through the bond. Kanin noticed his friend’s sudden tenseness. “Vincent are you all right?” He asked. Vincent looked at him. “Something has happened to Catherine.” He stated. Kanin took the pick out of his hands. “Well then get going and check on her and your child.” He ordered. Vincent smiled then turned and ran down the tunnel faster than he had ever run in his life. “Please my love be all right.” He whispered to himself.

When he reached Father’s chamber he rushed inside. “Vincent what is wrong?” Father asked as he and Mary looked up from a ledger. “Father where is Catherine?” Vincent asked. Father sighed. “She went above to her old apartment.” Vincent sighed. “Who went with her?” He asked. Father shook his head. “No one was available so she was going to call Joe.” Vincent shook his head. “I have to go to her.” He stated. Father nodded. “Yes of course it is dark now so go find her.” Vincent then ran out of the chamber. Father shook his head. “I pray that she is all right.” He commented. Mary smiled and nodded. “So do I Jacob it would destroy him if anything happened to her or their child.” Father nodded in agreement. “I am going to send a message to Joe’s house in case he did not go to the apartment.” He remarked. Then he left the chamber. Mary watched him leave praying that everything would be all right for Vincent and Catherine.

Vincent arrived at Catherine’s old apartment and took the spare key out from under a flowerpot on the balcony. He quickly unlocked the door and stepped inside. He was about to call out for Catherine when he heard someone entering the apartment. He hid in the bedroom waiting to see who it was. “Cathy it’s Joe are you here?” Joe called out. When he got no answer he pulled out his gun. He was about to walk into the bedroom when he heard a familiar voice behind him. “Joe it’s Vincent.” Joe put the gun away. “I heard you bump something.” He explained. Vincent nodded. “Where is Catherine?” Joe shook his head. “We just got her message we went to see Nancy.” He explained. “I am so sorry about not being here Vincent.” Vincent put his hand on Joe’s shoulder. “Don’t worry my friend none of this is your fault.” Joe smiled. “Well where could she be?” Joe asked as he sat down on a crate in the living room. “Joe I don’t know but wherever she is she was angry then frightened.” Joe suddenly caught a glimpse of something at his feet. “What is this?” He asked as he bent down and picked up the cloth. Both men flinched when they smelled the odor. “Oh God Vincent this has chloroform on it.” Joe stated. Vincent moved back. “Who would use that on Catherine?” He asked. Joe suddenly stood. “I bet it was Bass.” He commented. Vincent nodded in agreement. “We must find her.” he stated. Then he moved toward the balcony doors. “I will meet you at Father’s chamber.” He told Joe. Joe nodded. “I will be there.” Then both men left the apartment.

As this was happening Catherine woke up in a bedroom that she did not recognize. She looked around and gasped when she finally recognized it as the same bedroom in the house that Stephen had bought when he first came back into her life. She sat up and looked around for a way to get out of the room. Suddenly she heard a noise at the door. Stephen smiled as he entered the room. “Hello honey I thought you would sleep all day.” He stated as he put a tray down on the bed. “Stephen why did you bring me here again?” Stephen touched her cheek. “Because we are finally going to live the life that we were always meant to live.” Catherine moved back from his touch. “No Stephen as I told you before I am already married to someone else and I am having his child.” Stephen stood and began to pace. “Well darling that little detail will be taken care of soon.” Catherine looked up at him. “What are you talking about?” She asked. Stephen laughed maniacally. “I have a doctor friend who is going to get rid of the child for us.” Catherine began to shake as her tears came. “No Stephen you can’t do that to my child.” She begged. Stephen suddenly grabbed her by her hair. “Yes Cathy I can and will get rid of that freak’s child.” He then released her. “Now you be a good girl and eat while I go back downstairs and do some work.” He then left the room. Once he was gone Catherine put her head in her hands and began to cry. Oh Vincent please come get me the baby and I need you. She thought to herself.

At that moment Vincent and Joe were in Father’s chamber. They were talking when all of a sudden Vincent reeled. “Vincent are you all right?” Father asked as Joe guided him to a chair. “I just got a desperate sense through the bond.” He cried out. Joe put his hand on Vincent’s arm. “Do you have any clue as to where she may be?” Vincent thought. “Stephen had bought a house when he came back into her life before that he intended to have for them.” Vincent commented. Joe nodded. “Yeah I remember that mansion I was there when they arrested Bass.” He then looked at Vincent. “Bass was babbling about someone who looked like a lion coming after him.” He remarked. Vincent nodded. “He was trying to kill Catherine I went there to save her.” Joe nodded and put his hand on Vincent’s arm. “Well I will go and check it out with Greg.” Vincent nodded. “Yes since it is almost morning I will have to stay here.” Joe smiled. “I will bring her back to you soon.” He promised. Then he turned and left the chamber. Once he was gone Vincent began to cry. Father embraced his distraught son. “They will find her.” he whispered. Vincent looked at him. “I can’t live without her or our child Father they have to bring her home.” Father nodded and continued to hold him.

When Joe arrived at the police station Greg immediately put out an APB on Bass. “Do you remember where the house is?” Greg asked. Joe thought a moment. “Yes I do.” He stated. Then Greg grabbed his coat. “Let’s get out there and get her back before Bass harms her or her child.” Joe nodded. Then they both left the station.

Meanwhile back at Stephen’s house Catherine was downstairs with him in the living room. “Cathy please try to understand honey I only want the chance that was stolen from me before.” He stated as he paced. Catherine shook her head. “No Stephen we were over a long time ago I moved on with my life and fell in love with someone else.” Stephen spun around and slapped her. “You fell in love with a freak of nature!” He screamed. Catherine held her face then she suddenly stood up. “No you are the one who is the freak Vincent is the most wonderful man I have ever known!” Stephen smiled. “Well darling I am sorry but you will never see him again we are leaving for Europe tonight.” Catherine shook her head. “I am not going anywhere with you!” She screamed.

Stephen was about to respond when a voice came from outside. “Give it up Bass we know you are in there.” Joe yelled over a bullhorn. Stephen grabbed Catherine and moved toward the front door. He opened it and held her in front of him as a shield. “I am going to leave here with Catherine and there is nothing you can do to stop me!” He yelled. Then he pushed Catherine out the door and walked with her toward his car.

Unbeknownst to him Greg was positioned by the garage. When he had a clear shot at Stephen he stepped out and yelled at Catherine. “Get down Cathy!” She moved to the side just as Greg took the shot and hit Stephen in the arm. Stephen cried out and dropped his gun. Joe ran up to Catherine and pulled her to her feet. “Are you all right Radcliffe?” He asked as he held her. “Yes just please take me home.” She requested. Joe pulled off his jacket and put it around her shoulders. “Yes your husband is waiting for you.” He stated.

As they were walking toward his car Catherine stopped. “Just a moment Joe.” She told him. She then walked back to where Greg had Stephen. “Stephen I hope that you finally get the help that you so desperately need.” She told him. Stephen looked at her with pure hatred in his eyes. “We could have been happy but you were always too independent!” He spat. Catherine shook her head. She knew that there was no getting through to him anymore. She turned and walked back to Joe’s car. He smiled as he helped her into the passenger seat. Then he got in and they headed back to Manhattan and Vincent.

In the tunnels Vincent was sitting in his and Catherine’s chamber. He looked around at all the baby things that Catherine had been collecting. He smiled when he remembered how happily she arranged them so that they would be readily available when they baby was born. Catherine had told Father, Vincent, and Peter that she wanted to have the baby in their chamber in their bed. At first they were against the idea until Mary stepped in and convinced them that it would make Catherine happy and more comfortable if she could have the baby in their chamber instead of the hospital chamber. They finally relented and Catherine happily began to prepare for the day that their child would come into their world.

Vincent’s thoughts were broken when Mary entered the chamber. “Vincent can I come in?” She asked. Vincent smiles and nodded. “Yes of course is there something you needed?” Mary smiled and sat down beside him. “No dear I just wanted to come be with you for a while until we find out about Catherine.” Vincent smiled. “Thank you for that Mary.” He whispered. She smiled and sat down on the chair close to him. “Vincent Joe and Greg will find her.” Vincent sighed. “I know they will I just wish that I could be there.” Mary smiled. “I know dear.” She then looked around the chamber. “Catherine has done a lot of preparations for the baby.” Vincent smiled. “Yes she has everything that we will need when the baby comes.” Then Vincent looked down. “If the baby comes.” He whispered. Mary shook her head. “No Vincent the baby will be fine.” She chided lovingly. “You have to believe that for Catherine and for you.” They sat there for the next few minutes not saying anything.

At that moment Catherine and Joe entered Father’s chamber. “Catherine thank God!” Father happily exclaimed as she ran into his arms. She held him and cried. “I am so happy to be home.” She whispered. She then moved back out of his arms. “Where is he?” She asked. Father smiled. “I believe he is in your chamber.” She smiled then hugged Joe. “Thank you for everything I have to go to Vincent.” Joe smiled and nodded. “Jenny and I will come see you very soon.” He told her. She smiled then she left the chamber.

A few minutes later Catherine ran into their chamber. “Vincent sweetheart!” She cried out as she entered. Mary smiled and stood. “Catherine dear are you all right?” She asked as they hugged. “Yes I am fine where is Vincent?” Catherine asked almost in a panic. Mary smiled and cupped her cheek. “He is at the whispering bridge dear go to him.” Catherine hugged her again then left the chamber. Mary left the chamber also smiling because she knew that everything would be all right.

At the whispering bridge Vincent was standing listening to the voices. He wanted to scream out for Catherine but he knew that he could not find her. Suddenly he heard someone enter the chamber. His heart began to beat faster when he suddenly felt Catherine’s presence. He spun around and smiled as she ran into his arms. “Oh my Catherine are you all right?” He asked as he held her. Catherine held him tightly. “Yes I am fine.” Vincent then moved back slightly. “How is the baby?” Catherine smiled. “The baby is fine I was not hurt.” She assured him. “Father should examine you to make sure.” Catherine nodded. “We can go in a moment I just want to be alone with you right now.” Vincent smiled and pulled her back into his arms. “I was so afraid.” He whispered. Catherine looked up at him. “I know love so was I.”

After a moment Vincent moved back slightly. “What happened to him?” Catherine sighed. “He is going back into the hospital.” Vincent shook his head and smiled slightly. “Even after he kidnapped and held you against your will you can still have compassion for him.” he stated. Catherine nodded. “Well I feel sorry for him because he is very sick.” She stated. Vincent held her tightly again. “I would have died if he had hurt you or our child.” Catherine suddenly shivered. “What is it Catherine?” Vincent asked concerned. Catherine shook her head. “It is nothing.” She whispered. Vincent put his hand under her chin and brought her eyes up to meet his. “Catherine tell me please.” She sighed. “He was going to have something done to the baby.” She whispered. Vincent held her tighter. “What was he going to have done?” he asked in a whisper. Catherine shook her head. “He never truly said he just said that he had a doctor friend that would take care of it.” Vincent suddenly picked her up. “We should let Father examine you then I am putting you to bed.” Catherine smiled. “Are you going to join me there?” She asked slyly. Vincent smiled and gently kissed her. “But of course my angel.” He responded. Then he picked her up and carried her out of the chamber.

As the months began to pass Catherine and Vincent were happy together. The memories of that horrible time with Bass had faded to a bad memory. Catherine had agreed when Vincent requested that she not go above again. She felt that the world above was no longer a place where she wished to be. Then one night as they lay in bed Catherine suddenly awoke with a great pain. Vincent was immediately awake also. “What is it my love?” He asked. Catherine held her stomach for a moment then smiled. “I do believe I am in labor.” She stated. Vincent smiled. “Will you be all right if I go alert Father and Mary?” He asked as he got out of bed and dressed. Catherine smiled. “Yes honey I will be fine.” She assured him. Vincent leaned over and kissed her before he left the chamber. “I love you Catherine.” He whispered. She smiled at him. “And I love you.” She answered.

Later that morning as the tunnel residents began to awaken they were greeted by the news on the pipes that Vincent and Catherine were the parents of a beautiful healthy baby boy. In their chamber Catherine lay in their bed holding their son as he nursed. Vincent was in bed beside her. “He is so beautiful.” She whispered. Vincent smiled and gently touched the baby’s cheek. “Yes just as beautiful as you are.” Catherine looked up at him. “And you too.” She told him. Vincent smiled and put his arm around her shoulders. “Catherine you have brought so many gifts into my life that I don’t know how to thank you.” Catherine looked at the baby then back at her beloved husband. “You are the one who has brought more gifts into my life than I can ever thank you for.” Vincent smiled. “And this little one is our greatest gift.” They spent the rest of the day with their new son. Their lives had truly evolved into the dream that they thought they could never live together.


A month later everyone gathered in the main chamber. Father stood beside Vincent and Catherine. And Devin stood on the other side of them. He had come home soon after the baby’s birth when he found out that he had a nephew. “We welcome the child with love so that he may learn to love.” Father stated. “We welcome the child with gifts that he may learn how to give.” He then smiled at Vincent and Catherine. “And finally we welcome the child with a name upon which I believe Vincent and Catherine have decided.” Vincent smiled and put his arm around Catherine. “Catherine and I have chosen to name our son Jacob.” Father smiled proudly. Then everyone congratulated the new parents. After that they all moved to the great hall for a great celebration. A celebration of new life and of a deep lasting love between Catherine and her beloved Vincent the protector of the tunnels.

THE END!!!!!