Beauty and the Beast/Crossover Stories


Once Upon A Time
In The City Of South City

A BatB/DragonBallZ Crossover
Lacerta Maxima

(1) I did Not create “Beauty And The Beast” AKA BatB AKA BATB; that was the work of a man named Ron Koslow with some help from Ron Perlman, Linda Hamilton, the entire acting cast, Republic Pictures, and various other persons.
(2) Also, I did Not create “DragonBallZ” or any of the other forms of DragonBall (original series, GT, etcetera). Those were the works of a man named Akira Toriyama, with possibly some help from whatever manga co-makers and/or animation-technician staff, voice-actors, etcetera, with whom he worked.

It should be obvious, that this is fanfiction, and that I do not collect any money nor any other sorts of payment for my writing.

Ron Koslow and Akira Toriyama deserve monetary profit from their labors, so if you wish to pay anyone, just buy more of their cinematic materials, anime, or manga.

Warning: Even writing a crossover of DBZ with BatB is an artistically dangerous and adventurous thing to do. I have heard of crossing-over BatB with Quantum Leap; I have even read Lee Kirkland's excellent "Quantum Beast" fanfic series.

I hope this crossover fanfic pleases a lot of people, and gets the BatB crowd to also appreciate DBZ, and the DBZ crowd to also appreciate BatB. I should be only one of many who can write convincing (Or, conVincent?) DBZ-BatB crossovers: Some day, I hope, there would be several or many others.

(Also, why would anyone write a BatB/anime crossover at all? Because several years ago I overheard my brother and my sister arguing over the finer points of animation. His point: that Japanimation rules while the usual American stuff drooled; at that time, I was wondering what it would be like to have an animated spin-off of BatB, and I did not want anything that too much resembled the usual pap and pablum of 1980s American animation, or the 70s forms which were even worse. So, if there were any way to animate BatB, it would have to be done by some serious artists. Only later on, in the 90s did I learn of serious American artists such as Peter Chung. But by then, the question had already been planted in my mind: what would it be like if BatB were anime? Also, I for the past couple years had been wondering, what would it be like for Vincent to interact with various anime characters? So I crossed him over into the notorious DBZ.)

Plus if I say anything more in order to explain everything to either of both fandoms, then I would run the risk of spoiling the plot surprises that most stories need to have, especially including an adventure-oriented story such as this one. It is good enough to read this fiction for the character(s) that you most like, and then observe the various characters’ reaction to experiences and people they had never encountered before.

Sorry that I had to use such a Long list of warnings and disclaimers; now, on with the story...

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6


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