Beauty and the Beast/Crossover Stories


Once Upon A Time
In The City Of South City

A BatB/DragonBallZ Crossover
Lacerta Maxima

Chapter Two

(A/N: The two Dating Systems, ADS and NEDS, are explained in the beginning of the previous chapter, along with The Great Mutation, and some theories as to how Vincent has lived so long. Here, I must make no further notes, because I don’t wish to spoil a surprise.)

Goku and Piccolo and the Z-team and their families had been vacationing in a city on the North American Landmass that still goes by the old name New York City, although by now it also answers to some three or four other names, all of them legally valid just like the old appellation. Another common moniker was “The Big Apple”, a very affectionate and humorous name for a city!!! They were both enjoying the fact that Goku was allowed a three-week vacation from Otherworld--another place with multiple names, including: the very numinous name “The Afterlife” and the very silly-sounding (like something translated by FUNimation)-- "The Other Dimension”! Goku was very happy to see his family and go see parts of Planet Earth that he had passed through on several occasions, but had never got familiar with. He decided that it was time to start vacationing in the Western Hemisphere of Earth, and the others all agreed. They also agreed that New York City was a good start, although Washington, D.C. and Seattle and Austin, Texas were also good ideas. But only one city per vacation, so Goku had to narrow down his choices to only one city: N.Y.C. !!!

They took a walk through the infamous Central Park, these two mighty men, feeling more and more fatigued with each step and somehow believing it were merely because of the hour of the evening; it was, after all, getting closer and closer to the time that their melatonin-increasing supplements should have put them asleep, but maybe the jet-lag drugs were acting a bit too quickly; they were not sure. They were not aware that some group of hopeless fools had managed to magically wish back to life the eternally sworn enemies of Son Goku and the Prince Named Piccolo AKA “Ma Junior”. Several enemies had been so quiet as to even escape Piccolo’s superhumanly sensitive ears. “Long time, no see!” an extremely malevolent high-pitched voice growled from behind. Goku and Piccolo turned around to face the source of that miserable voice, and the source was in fact a known former inmate of Hell: FREEZA!!!!!!!!! and several others: King Kold (Freeza’s/Furiza’s father), Cell (AKA Seru), and several others whom Goku and Piccolo can easily recognize, and several whom they cannot so easily recognize...

The unknowns included an eldery-looking man with a long nose and a golden covering worn over one side of his face, Phantom-of-the-Opera-Style; a man with a skinny face and a twisted thin-lipped grin whose face resembled movie-characters played by James Woods or Christopher Walken or Lance Henriksen or Peter Weller (on a Very bad day), or even of supporting actor named Stephen McHattie. There was a couple other guys, one who responded to the name “Mitch” or “ the Mobsta Bitch”, and he appeared half-mad, like there was nothing left of him or of whatever life he once had; and a guy nicknamed “Stephen” or “Big-Bass”, and he was apparently even creepier than “Mitch”, and he was creepy in a dominating sort of way; and still two others whom the entire gang referred to (with a strong degree of loathing) as simply “The Hollow Men” whose manners suggested arrogant spoiled rich boys who obviously did not value the lives of others. (“The Hollow Men” carried knives, likely were the weakest, also apparently the most cowardly, and probably disgustingly sadistic! Even Furiza had some princely qualities, though only barely; but those two had none at all-------they were only low-rent henchmen!)

“It is very unfortunate that you saw us,” the menace who looked like Christopher Walken or James Woods or...Stephen McHattie!...quietly and coldly said to Goku and Piccolo.

“Well said, my young protege,” a basso-profundo voice intoned with a subtle degree of quietness, and continued rumbling from the face half-hid in the golden mask. “You know what to do, Gabriel...”

The Stephen-McHattie-look-alike grabbed hold of Piccolo while the “Hollow Men” both grabbed hold of Goku. “This is a Ki-Drainer. My fatherly friend Paracelsus invented it, ”Gabriel" (the”Christopher-'Walken-James-Woods-Lance-Henriksen-Stephen-McHattie-look-alike”) said; he was eyeing first the old man in the gold mask, then eyeing the strange gun-like weapons held by both of the truthfully-named "Hollow Men" that were aimed at Goku and Piccolo. “We had these on all along, you were continuously shot with their strength-draining power; you’re too weak to resist. We can kill you if we want to, but instead, we'll first we’ll give you some warning-wounds for you to think about!” Gabriel's voice was had a constant emotionless cold command; he spoke of hateful physical cruelty with an almost-casual matter-of-factness...

Both men fell unconscious, knowing that their captors were about to "work" on them, slashing them. "Now crack two noble hearts! Good night, sweet princes!" they heard the basso-profundo voice of Paracelsus rumble rather sonorously; then they heard some of their attackers walk away happily japing about how they probably got rid of two potential threats, or had at least made them afraid to make any attempts on the little cadre, the names of its personnel Goku and Piccolo did not fully know, but will need to eventually learn: Furiza AKA Freeza; King Kold; Cell AKA Seru; several minor known hireling-henches of Furiza—such persons Goku and Piccolo recognized with some ease; but then there were the others-- those two detestable young hirelings, "The Hollow Men"; Mitch ("The Bitch") Denton; Stephen ("The Big Bass") Bass; Gabriel AKA many aliases; and the old man in the golden Phantom-of-the-Opera mask, John Pater AKA Paracelsus!!!

They weren't sure of it, but the Saiya-jin and the Namekki-jin thought they had also heard someone mentioning a "Dr. Gireaux" (Dr. Gero???!!!) being sooooooooo helpful by wishing them back with….what was that?….the "Ten-Thousand-Years'-Power DragonBalls???!!!" Also, how did Dr. Gero, if that the same person as referred-to, be alive again----who would actually wish that douchebag back to life, and why? Both protagonists sought with every breath left in their fainting bodies to remember that vital information, as they succumbed to an oblivion made of half pain and half sleep: they were going into a shock both physical and emotional...

Piccolo and Goku were wallowing in their own pain, dealt to them by a combination of knife-slashes and the newly-discovered body-weakening technology called a ki-drainer. They, going in and out of half-consciousness, both managed to hear approaching soft footfalls, like the padding of a tiger in his domain within a jungle, pad, pad, pad…The two men both objected, whispering out as loud as their tortured bodies can grant as possible: "No!" "Don't cause us any trouble!" "Not now!" "NOOOOO!!!!!!!" Piccolo was the one who uttered the last objection; and then he went totally unconscious along with Goku...

(To Be Continued…)


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