V & C

Part Two

‘Enough is enough is enough, I can’t go on, I can’t go on much longer…enough is enough, I want him out, I want him out that door now…’

It was sod’s or Murphy’s law that Vincent should choose that particular moment to alight upon Catherine’s balcony, to find her showering with the radio on full blast and singing along at the top of her voice. That coupled with the remnants of the entries in her recent gift to him shocked Vincent to the core.

He stood hand to heart listening as she sang heartily unaware that she had an audience, and each word stabbed him through over and over.

‘…I always dreamed I’d found the perfect lover, but he turned out to be like any other man I’ve loved, I’ve loved, I’ve loved, I’ve loved…enough is enough is enough…’

He couldn’t face her…not now. Swinging his long cloak around his ankles Vincent left swiftly leaving no sign of his coming before Catherine emerged from the shower shortly before the end of the song.

‘That’s a great song you have there Donna,’ Catherine commented, as she went to lower the volume on the radio, ‘but the lyrics don’t apply to me as much as I enjoyed singing along with you.’

Catherine grinned, she would never have enough of her man, and she had found the perfect lover…well almost…they weren’t lovers as yet…but…it was only a question of time…surely something had to give?

She grinned impishly, ‘that was devious of you Chandler’ she giggled out loud, ‘giving him that diary with all those V&C entries in. Give him food for thought maybe. I wonder what he thought to the last entry?’ She almost regretted that…almost. When she remembered all the times she had blatantly tried to seduce him and failed Catherine decided he deserved it.

‘Any other hot bloodied male would have succumbed to my flirtatious ways by now…so Vincent you deserve to be taunted if only subtly. No doubt Mr Prim and Proper will be running ragged by now, if he’s read that last entry.’ Catherine wished she were a fly on the wall of his chamber, or a little beetle in a corner so that she could see his face when he read it.

‘You are so cruel, Cathy’ she told herself laughing out loud, not believing it one bit. Vincent infuriated her at times. Father had done his job too well, and Vincent firmly believed Father when he told him that intimate relationships were not for him.

Like an indignant mare Catherine stamped one pretty satin slipper to the floor, ‘not meant for him my foot! Vincent is more than a man not less, why shouldn’t he love as any other? Well I’ll show you Mr Smartypants Father, I’m gonna get your son into bed if it’s the last thing I ever accomplish.’ She laughed heartily imagining that possibility, imagining being so tired from trying that when she did eventually make it happen she’d fall asleep with the exhaustion of it.

Today she was reckless. Over three years of shifting around Vincent, pussyfooting to make things easier for him she was at about snapping point. If flirting didn’t do it, if seduction didn’t do it, if downright boldness didn’t do it, then maybe she should have some fun, and if leaving him subtle messages brought him to his knees then so be it.

A solicitous smile formed on Catherine’s luscious red lips as she imagined the days to come. It was a wonder that Vincent hadn’t arrived already. Catherine paused for thought. Yes it was a wonder indeed. She checked her watch usually he would have been on her balcony by now. That was strange.
No matter she would go to him.
‘Pity I haven’t got a copy of Donna Summer’s record to play to him.’ Catherine laughed, ‘that would really put the icing on the cake.’ She giggled, making her way toward her bedroom to change into gear fit for the draughty tunnels, smiling and humming to herself as she went… ‘enough is enough is enough…I can’t go on, I can’t go on no longer…’

Below in the tunnels Vincent walked slowly, absorbing what had taken place on Catherine’s balcony, and chiding himself for putting more meaning than was supposed on the song she had been singing. It was on the radio for heaven’s sake, not from her CD unit. He knew from the location of the sound, that it wasn’t a tune she had chosen to play herself, it just grated on him when he remembered the vigour she had applied to singing along to it. Yet it had to be a coincidence, a remarkable one true, but a coincidence nonetheless. How would she know that a song depicting the lyrics ‘enough is enough’ would play at the very moment he would arrive at her balcony and the very next day after she had handed him the ledger? If anyone had the answer to that, they’d be millionaires. In fact he was pretty sure that she had not known of his visit, and even surer of that fact when he felt her make the decision to come to him. Obviously his late arrival had caused some concern and she had gone looking for him.

But what could he say to her? Father, for one, knew he had set off for her apartment over an hour ago. How could he tell her he had called and not stayed, or how could he pretend he had not called at all? What possible explanation could he give to her for returning home?
There wasn’t one. Simply, if he wanted to make amends and not have to explain himself he had to do a quick turnabout and meet her half way. Let her believe he was just setting out, let Father assume he’d been delayed on the way up. Hopefully Father would say nothing, would not question him, for Vincent felt certain that if he should be challenged on the matter he would surely redden and stammer and give rise for concern and he would have to tell all.
Truly Vincent was a man that made mountains out of molehills, when anyone else would have let it go by as inconsequential. May even have lied. But Vincent had never been a good liar and he had never lied to Catherine.
Covered up maybe, but certainly never lied. There were things he knew that he could never tell her. Things he would love to be able to do with her. Vincent’s blood pounded in his ears as he thought briefly of those things and he blushed hotly, grateful that no one was around to see. Few knew that he blushed, and more often than not the soft glow from the candles disguised it, he was pleased to say.

When he thought back to the previous evening he was even more embarrassed. He had wanted to talk to Catherine, but his courage had failed him at the last moment, and now this. What ever was he going to do about this?

His and her initials entwined had been a delight to see, but the addition of the words ‘enough is enough’ seemed about all he could remember. Why oh why had she written it, and what had she meant.

Despite telling himself he ought not, Vincent found himself dwelling on that song blasting from her radio and the way she had sung along with such gusto. He considered that to be the most infuriating thing. Was it really a coincidence? Or if it had of been was she amazed at its representation and had applied herself zealously? Supposing she really meant it. Supposing she really did think that enough was enough and that she did want him out of her life?

No…Vincent shook his head. Why on earth would she want that? ‘Because…’ a little voice of reason quipped deep inside… ‘you disappoint her. You don’t give her what she needs…be honest with yourself Vincent. It’s what you both need. Give in to her man…’

‘I can’t I can’t.’ Vincent shook his head adamantly ‘she is too beautiful. How can these hands sully her perfection?’

‘You place her on a pedestal, put too much import on her beauty. She is a woman with much to give, see how she dreams of giving it all to you.’

Walking back toward the park entrance, Vincent argued with himself, or that other darker side of himself, the one he blamed for all his wrong thoughts, the one that he thought desired Catherine when all along he knew it to be him. Yet being honest with himself brought great fear to Vincent, fear he could not cope with, neither could he accept that Catherine was in her right mind when she had romantic dreams of the two of them together so intimately. She based upon him all her experiences with other men when she hadn’t come to accept that he was not as other men. Though they loved one another, love was all that they could share, and the only love they would make between them was by being there for one another come what may.

Catherine was close now, Vincent knew, only a few feet separated them, and he was already at a loss as to what to say to her. The saying, oh but would the ground open up and swallow me seemed awfully appealing to him, for to disappear at that moment would have been exactly what he needed.
Yet as ever Vincent put the needs of others ahead of himself, and if he knew little else this night, Catherine’s need for him thundered through his soul.

Suddenly Catherine’s joy at seeing him again brought him to his senses and Vincent realised how stupid he was being. This was Catherine he was meeting not his maker, whomsoever that was, he should be overjoyed to see her. And he was, if he put aside other things. He decided for the sake of his sanity he would have to do just that. He could ponder further on those other things tomorrow while Catherine was safely at work, and he may be able to glean something else from her visit tonight.

With that thought firmly in mind Vincent sprung the mechanism to open the large sliding door, and prepared to enfold Catherine in his arms.

*** *** ***

“Hi Vincent. Are you well?” Catherine greeted her man the moment the door slid open to reveal him to her sight. He looked slightly disarmed for some reason, as if she had caught him unawares, which was stupid because he had opened the door for her. And she was certain she didn’t imagine that he hesitated before replying, “Yes, Catherine, I am well and you?”
There was a kind of haughtiness to his question, and Catherine found herself watching him strangely expecting him to add something more on the subject and frowning when he did not.
“Come, Father will be pleased to see you.” He told her. That surprised Catherine, because Vincent made no mention to the fact that he was supposed to be coming up to see her. Instead he made it sound that she was supposed to be coming below and was expected.
Catherine didn’t know whether to make mention of the fact or let it go. It was unusual for Vincent to forget where they should be meeting and when or not to enquire of her decision to come to him instead. And so she began to wonder whether she had made a mistake, perhaps she had arranged to meet him below after all?
She let it go, linking her arm with his as they walked the tunnels together heading for the main hub and though neither noticed both were quiet lost in their own thoughts. And when Vincent led Catherine straight past Father’s chamber only then did she hesitate and ask, “Vincent, I thought we were going to see Father?”
“Father? No.” Vincent sounded surprised. That was the last thing he wanted. Father would wonder why Catherine had come below when Vincent was due to go above.
“But you said…” Catherine frowned. She must be going mad. She was sure it had been tonight when Vincent had said that Father would be pleased to see her. Maybe it had been another night?
Feeling as though she was going crazy Catherine allowed Vincent to steer her into his own chamber and took up a cosy chair within before she spoke again. “Are you all right Vincent?”
“Me? Yes. I’m fine why do you ask?” He couldn’t look at her as he replied something Catherine was quick to notice.
“You seem distracted, not quite yourself.” Catherine told him her concern evident in her tone.
Not quite knowing how to answer, Vincent remained silent for a while as Catherine watched him closely. She hadn’t imagined it then, there was something wrong with him tonight. But what she couldn’t tell, and it didn’t look as though he was about to tell her either, so rather than embarrass him further Catherine rose and told him, “Perhaps you are tired? I am too perhaps I should go. Will I see you tomorrow?” And she was amazed when Vincent nodded all too quickly and it seemed to her he uttered a great sigh of relief.
What on earth was wrong?

They walked slowly again arm in arm back toward the threshold of her apartment building rather than back to the park entrance as it was so late and said little. Catherine had butterflies in her stomach Vincent had fear in his. Each assumed wrongly the reason for the other’s silence and it was only when they reached their destination that both decided to speak at once.



Catherine smiled, “You first.” But Vincent shook his head, unable to prevent himself from grinning when she told him, “Go on, age before beauty,” with a sweet chuckle.
“I’m not that much older than you Catherine.” He told her. It was on the tip of his tongue to say something entirely different, something detrimental about himself, but he felt sure that Catherine would not approve of that.
“Sometimes you seem it, Vincent. Sometimes the difference though minimal seems to be a barrier too great to breach.” He was surprised at that and told her so. “I’m sorry that you find it hard to reach me, Catherine.”
“It’s not that. Its not that I can’t reach you, its just that sometimes you appear hard to be reached. There are things that I would love to say to you that I fear you would not want to hear.” The moment she uttered the words, both were aware that he retreated back into his safe little world behind the bars of his own making. “You’re doing it now. What are you so afraid of Vincent? Don’t you know by now that I love you?”
Shyly Vincent nodded. He knew she loved him Catherine had never disguised that fact. And he loved her too, but he could not let her know of it, or could he? What would be so wrong, so bad about disclosing that fact? Before he had the time to prevent himself Vincent told Catherine, “I know that you love me Catherine, and I love you…” He had meant to gallop over that fact, had meant to continue with something else, as if saying the words for the very first time were inconsequential, but the moment they left his lips he was silenced, the gasp uttered from Catherine making it so. And he was speechless.
“You love me!”
She’d always known it of course, but knowing and hearing were two different things and how long she had ached to hear him say the words. “Oh Vincent!” She hugged him then wrapping her arms tightly around his waist pressing her cheek against his chest. This is what he had been so afraid of. Instigating intimacy between them through the utterance of his love for her, it changed everything, would have to change everything there was no reason now for them not to be united in everything.
Vincent balked as the very thought presented itself…now she knew that he loved her, why could they not move forward as all those that loved moved forward? He had no answers for her.
It was also all a little strange. Baring in mind the letters entwined in her diary, and the words enough is enough…Vincent was a little at a loss as to the turnabout of events now. Had everything been harbouring on his declaring his love for her? Had that been all it was about? If so, then the relief was palpable. And how he had wished he had told her that he loved her far sooner, if that had been all that had been needed. Perhaps in withholding his love for her he had been pushing her away. Yet in so doing had he not been keeping her at arms length? What now? What would she expect of him now?
The answer was plain to see in the upturned face that appealed to his now. Vincent flushed hotly as her eyes seemed to devour his lips, and he gulped knowing what her intention was. She wanted him to kiss her! It was so obvious! And why not? Why should they not kiss? After all if they loved one another what was so wrong with a kiss?
Still he shook. Kissing was one thing, but could he rightfully stop at that? Knowing how he felt about her, Vincent doubted the possibility, and what would Catherine do if he found that he needed more from her? Would she push him away in disgust? Just how far did her love for him go?

“Vincent?” He heard the question through a haze of fog, “What’s wrong my love?”
Never had she called him that! A trembling started in Vincent’s toes creeping up and up until it swamped him and he found himself wanting so desperately to lose himself in her to let her surround him with her love and words of tenderness.
There was nothing wrong, and everything wrong and the feelings rising up inside him were desperate with need and longing. Her expectation of his kiss frightened him. He wanted to run but found himself frozen to the spot. He wanted to hide but knew he could never hide from Catherine. In fact, he knew he could hide nothing from Catherine forever more!
“I love you, Catherine.” The words seemed to burst from him and he reached for her, drawing her close, absorbing her into him as his lips sought hers.
Stunned Catherine could only let him take control. She had not imagined this! In all her dreams of their first kiss it had been she that had shown him the way, she that had instigated the act between them. Still after that initial shock subsided and it did not seem in the least likelihood that Vincent would draw away, Catherine returned his kiss with a ardour that surprised the both of them. They clung to one another, their mouths fastened as one, tasting, absorbing one into the other, thoroughly enjoying every single second, wanting more and more until tongues tasted tongues and bodies fused closer than a heartbeat. Catherine had craved this from him so long, and he like a dying man at an oasis slaked his thirst for her in long deep draughts. Yet it wasn’t enough, could never be enough not now, not until they had fulfilled the act of complete loving. “Come.” The word was uttered hoarsely and Catherine allowed him to turn her back into the tunnels, to lift and carry her to a destination only he had in mind. She was ready for anything, ready to give him everything. How she loved him!

Curious eyes watched their ascent into the tunnels as they passed by the stationed sentries, never had they seen such a sight! Catherine held tightly against Vincent, kisses snatched second by second, eyes only for each other, both oblivious to their surroundings, both totally, totally in love. Warm feelings spread through the tunnellers at the sight of their favourite couple finding true love at last. No one encountered them, no one stood in their way. Each wished them well in their own heart as they passed by, each wished for a love like that shared by Vincent and Catherine.

Catherine knew not where she was going, neither did she care - she had unleashed the gates of heaven and was about to convey all that she felt for this special man in its paradise. That he loved her as she had so dreamed was all Catherine now hoped for. Her heart was complete as he slaked his thirst with her, a hunger building deep in his soul that only she could satisfy.

Refraining from speaking lest she broke the spell, Catherine continued to kiss and adore her man as he carried her swiftly along and yet all too soon she found herself being deposited onto a mossy knoll in a cavern that she had never seen before, yet one where lanterns were positioned ready for lighting, and cushions were thrown about. Still she refrained from speaking, just looked around her with questions in her eyes that would be answered later and watched mesmerised as Vincent moved about the chamber somewhat awkwardly lighting a lamp here and a lamp there that issued enough of a warm orange glow to be romantic but not too bright. Then he returned to her, undoing his cloak and lying it down on the ground at her side, beckoning that she should lie upon it, before following her down.
They kissed again, deeply, passionately letting go all the chains of restraint that had ever been between them, and Catherine glorified in the way Vincent’s hands tugged at her clothing eager to feel her soft skin against his fingertips and palms. When one hand cupped her full round bosom, both uttered a sigh of pure bliss and with his thumb nestled against the rosy tip Catherine’s hips bucked to meet his, the invitation plain.
He took it. Unfastening and discarding the restraints that kept them apart, both were soon gloriously naked and joined in an instant that neither would ever forget. It was too beautiful, too glorious…too unbelievable!

It was only later when the heat that had consumed them had subsided that both looked at each other a little shy, a little embarrassed. “Did I really just do that?” There was a catch to Vincent’s voice as if he was about to cry, and yet as if he couldn’t quite believe what had taken place between them.
Catherine nodded, her eyes bright with joy and unshed tears “You did, my love and you can do it again anytime that you want.” Vincent blushed hotly and Catherine actually saw it, a deep rich red that enhanced the golden hair of his cheeks.
“I mean it Vincent. It was wonderful. You are wonderful. I love you so much.”
A catch came to Vincent’s throat as he tried to answer her, and nothing would come. Wordlessly he enfolded her into his embrace, the claws of his hands gently tracing circles on the bare of her back, causing delicious shivers to course through her tiny frame. “Careful my love, do that much more and I shall want you again.”
Vincent chuckled at her words, bending and kissing her lips with an ease that surprised her.
“How did I ever survive without the touch of your lips against mine.” He whispered into her mouth. “I love you so much, Catherine.”
“And I love you.” She hugged him tightly pressing her lower limbs against his telling him plainly what she needed from him so soon. He complied needing her with an intensity that frightened him, taking her to new heights such as she had never known with any other man before and for the next few hours only the words “I love you, I love you,” were whispered between them with such sweet and tender devotion.

*** *** ***

When Catherine awoke the following morning she had no idea how she had got back into her own bed inside her own apartment, and as the memories of the evening before rushed over her, a feeling of nausea rose up within her as she felt positive that she had dreamed the whole affair.

Down in the subterranean levels, her feelings washed over Vincent like a tidal wave and he sobbed heartily. He had been so afraid of this. So afraid that in the cold light of day the loving he and Catherine had shared would become bitter to her. That the womanly needs that she had had for sexual satisfaction were abhorrent to her when she realised that she had shared them with him!

Walking about in her apartment a sense of unreality struck Catherine, unreality mixed with sorrow. It had seemed so real, yet had it of been so, what was she doing here back in her apartment? Why had she not woken up alongside Vincent in that chamber deep in the underground world?

Slowly as she pieced the sequence of events together over a piping hot cup of coffee Catherine began to remember how she had woken inside her own apartment. After making love for the fifth time in every position possible Vincent had carried her drowsy form back to the threshold and she had wearily climbed the steps back to her world falling into her bed the moment she had reached its side, and not waking up again until late morning. It was amazing that she had forgotten it, but then in the circumstances perhaps not so amazing. A hot flush stained Catherine’s cheeks as she remembered all the things she and Vincent had done together and how each had amazed the other over and over again with new delights and sensations. Never had she been loved with such intensity and within an inch of her life. Still her skin tingled from his kisses, his hands upon her the force from his passion that had ignited and engulfed her. How she loved him!

Eager now to see him again, Catherine made her plans. A day at work was unavoidable, Joe would throw a fit, might even throw her out if she rang in for another day off. He had already given her two days, she could not expect more. But tonight after work was a different thing entirely, and tonight Vincent would come early if she asked him to. So hastily scribbling him a note as she readied herself for work, Catherine placed it in a long slim envelope with the intention of having it delivered by a helper before she made it to her office.

The telephone rang just as she was leaving and snatching it up Catherine refrained from blasting the caller that would make her late for work. It was Peter, “Hello young lady, it’s a while since you had a check up. I’ve booked you in for Saturday morning. Is that convenient, say around ten?”

“That’s fine Peter. I’ll make a note of it. Gotta dash, I’m late.”
“I know, I was surprised to catch you, I thought it would be the machine.”
Catherine chuckled said her goodbyes and hung up reaching for her diary to make the entry. ‘Saturday, ten, Peter’s.’ she wrote, then as an afterthought she made another addition to yesterday’s entry, ‘V & C no more.’ Then she left laughing as she went her heart uplifted and proud that she and Vincent were lovers at last and envisioning a great future ahead with the man that she loved above all else.

*** *** ***

As she had anticipated, Vincent arrived at the apartment ahead of Catherine letting himself in as her note had asked. It was strange being there, in her apartment without her, and Vincent having closed off the bond he shared with Catherine since he had encountered head on her earlier feelings, was not sure what to expect on her homecoming. He pottered about the apartment, neither feeling inclined to sit and wait for her or to do anything which might constitute intruding on her life, and he was sure she would let him down gently but insist that though what they had shared had been pleasurable, she would rather not see him anymore.

So sure was he that Catherine would embark upon this road that he wasn’t at all surprised to see the last entry in her open diary next to the telephone. Even so, the sight of it reduced him to the tears that had been close to falling all day.

There in bold ink was another of those entries that had left him ragged over the last few days only this one said it all. This one was the final blow as the words jumped off the page at him - ’V & C no more.’

It was true then those feelings he had felt from her. She did regret their loving. And it would be hard for him to have loved and lost but he would have to try for her sake. Better to do that then to have her leave him entirely. Better to promise not to pursue such intimacies in the light of losing her forever. Oh but how could he live without that between them now? How he wished they had never began this journey.

Catherine’s key in the lock had him spinning. He had not known of her arrival, so lost was he in his distress of the moment. And before he could hide she had stepped into the apartment a look of delight upon her face at finding him there.

“Vincent!” She had crossed the room and thrown down her bag in one fell swoop launching herself into his arms so happy when she felt them close around her of their own accord. “I’ve missed you, my love. So what would you like to do this evening, as if I didn’t know?” Catherine waggled her eyebrows at him suggestively while lifting her face to his with obvious expectation. Unprepared for this Vincent froze, a frown spreading across his face even as he stepped back and away from her placing an invisible obstacle between them even as he did so. Catherine frowned as fear raced through her limbs and she foresaw the old Vincent and the old days lying ahead instead of the new that she had envisaged all day with such hope and relish.

“What is it, what’s wrong?” She asked him breathlessly, her eyes wide and troubled.

“You need to ask me, when your heart has all the answers?” He replied looking at her a trifle angrily, bitterly even.

“I don’t understand. Vincent what are you saying?” She took a step toward him and he took one back. “Come no closer Catherine. It only makes what I have to say, have to acknowledge all the harder.”

Tears welled in Catherine’s eyes as her dreams turned sour, “Vincent, you’re frightening me. What do you mean?”

Wordlessly Vincent strode across to the telephone snatching up the dairy laid there and thrust it open at the last entry into her hands. “Here does this not say it all?”

A big grin spread across Catherine’s face as her eyes encountered the words she had written there earlier and replied, “It most certainly does, Vincent.” Yet his reaction to her reply shocked her as he spun on his heels and heading for the balcony called over his shoulder, “Then there is only one thing more to add. Goodbye Catherine.”

For a second Catherine was frozen to the spot, then as if she were a movie being replayed in slow motion Catherine found herself moving across the room, reaching for his trailing cloak and holding on for dear life to prevent his escape. “What do you mean goodbye? You say that with such finality. Vincent, explain please. Don’t you wish to see me anymore?” Her words caught on a sob caused him to stumble and turn to stare at her, incredulous that she looked so miserable. He thought that she wanted this, that she had intended to say farewell to him, that though she loved him she could not bear to make love with him ever again. He stared at her willing her to speak, unable to find the words to ask his very many questions.

“I love you Vincent. I thought you loved me. I thought that everything would be good between us from now on…I thought…Vincent I just don’t understand what is happening here!” Catherine’s lips trembled as she uttered the words, tears coursing down her cheeks as she pleaded with her eyes for him to stay.

“Neither do I.” Vincent told her coming back to enfold her in his arms. Somehow a misunderstanding had developed between them, but now opening the bond to her, he knew that she loved him wholeheartedly and that she was disappointed by his actions, that she wanted him to stay with her, make love with her again, and again and again. “Oh Catherine, forgive me. It seems I have once again been a fool.”

“How so, my love?” She asked as the pads of his thumbs stroked away her tears.

“Once I was a fool to believe that we could never be lovers, and today I have been a fool believing that you regretted that we were. Oh Catherine, forgive me for causing you such pain. I love you so.” He buried his face into her neck kissing her tenderly awaiting her forgiveness, knowing it would come but feeling he did not deserve it.

“There is nothing to forgive my love. Yes there is.” He looked up at her not understanding her words, and she explained pointing to the entry inside her diary, “You were fooled by this weren’t you? Oh Vincent, I’m so sorry. I knew it was devious, but I just couldn’t seem to stop myself. It is you that should forgive me.”

“For what Catherine? I do not understand.” Holding her close Vincent looked into her eyes willing her to tell him what had happened.

“The ledger that I gave you, with all the entries. You must have seen them. You know the V&C’s entwined and the little notes alongside?”

Vincent nodded, “Yes I saw them. I thought I knew what they meant, now I’m not so sure.”

“That you thought you knew, meant that my plan worked, however I was cunning Vincent. You see the meaning was double barrelled. What appeared to be so was not necessarily what was intended. That is it was intended but not what appeared to be so.” Catherine grinned, “I’m not making any sense am I?”

Grinning from ear to ear, Vincent shook his head.

“You see ordinarily if V & C stood for our names then you could be forgiven for believing the intent, but they didn’t. They stood for something else. However, I let you believe that they stood for our names in order to rile you enough to do something about it. I feel awful now, but Vincent our making love had been plotted and planned by me with such careful precision in the hope that it would happen sooner rather than later. Forgive me Vincent, what I did was devious and downright despicable.”

Now understanding a little Vincent was prompted to ask, “Then what does V & C stand for?” noticing that Catherine had the grace to turn bright red with embarrassment and she mumbled her reply.

“Sorry, what was that?” Vincent asked her clearly amused as he continued to hold her close.

Catherine mouthed the words again and though he strained his ears Vincent could not hear her, “You will have to speak up Catherine.” He told her with laughter in his voice.

“I said they stand for virgin and celibacy.” She told him almost indignantly, “something you used to be and because of that a position I was forced to undergo.” A smile formed on her lips as she coyly buried her head against his chest, but he could easily feel the laughter welling up inside her until it finally bubbled forth.

He stood for long moments taking it in, remembering the entries he had seen, V & C enough is enough, V & C still, V & C no more. Now he understood, and he laughed, more and more and harder and harder heartily so, until Catherine looked at him with his head thrown back bellowing with laughter and could only join in with him hugging him tight, glad that he had seen the funny side.

“Oh Catherine, you’re priceless, and I love you so.” He hugged her hard as his laughter subsided, then brought his head down to capture her lips in a long sweet kiss, “But don’t you ever do anything like that ever again. It almost killed me.”

Serious now, Catherine touched his lips with hers, “I know, and I’m sorry, although it did have its rewards, and for that I shall never be sorry. Make love to me Vincent like you did last night.”


“Yes now and always. I love you so much, Vincent.”

He grinned remembering fully the loving they had shared in recent hours and kissing her long and passionately lifted and carried her toward her bedroom, “Gladly. Yes now and always my Catherine.” He chuckled knowing she would understand perfectly his next words, as he too waggled his eyebrows suggestively, “I promise my own sweet Catherine, I will love you ALL ways.”

And he did.