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I wish I could say that the above lady is me...in my dreams maybe!
However, the true me looks nothing like this although I guess I can say that my beauty is all inside.
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I'm not going to spend a lot of time talking about myself. In actual fact I am writing a book, a fiction based on my own life that I hope to have professionally published and this is entitled Chase the Dream.

So...me...well I am in my mid forties, a baptised Jehovah's Witness, a writer, a mother of three children - Joanne (18) John (17) and David (7) and also a farmer's wife. Although having said the last bit, that isn't strictly true as yet, because my mother in law still holds the reins to the farm, but one day a share of the land will fall my husband's way and then I will be a true farmer's wife. In the meantime, we are farmers on the sidelines, going to farm sales and doing bits and pieces farm related.
I have some chickens, and I have a red & white border collie bitch with a litter of seven puppies and we aim to keep the only boy among them also red & white and call him Timba. (Try shouting that out in a forest - can you imagine it? The name was young David's idea.) We also look after another man's cattle.
Most of the time though I am here tapping away at the keyboard writing fanfic for the fans of the television series Beauty and the Beast.
My married name is Tunnard but I prefer to use my maiden name of De-Vereyard for my stories. This was due to the fact that I promised my nanna that I would use this name when I became famous! Her words not mine - LOL!
I have this philosphy never worry about things you can't alter but at the same time take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.
I am an inquisive person, always asking questions that others might not even think of. Like asking the dentist what each of his tools are for and who invented them and why. Things like that. I soak up information and give it out in my stories.
The best thing that I love in life is laughter. I love people and I enjoy sharing occasions with them, making them laugh. Some say I have a warped sense of humour, seeing fun in most things, although I do have a tendancy to look on the black side of things. I believe that if you expect something bad to happen and it does you aren't disappointed whereas if it doesn't happen the way you presumed then you will be pleasantly surprised. That's my motto anyway, and basically the one I live by.

Ancestry - well on my dad's side my great, great, great grandfather came to England on the Spanish Amarda as a smuggler on the Cornish Coast and also on my dad's side Great Uncle Dan was Queen Victoria's private Jester.
Apparently Madam Baker Davis was my dad's great aunt, she is renowned for her gift of a fortune telling for the rich and famous.
The ancestors on my mum's side were Romanies, and I expect it is from these that I gain my love of sparkly things, philosphy of life and love for animals and the outdoors. I am also a great believer in plants for curing ailments rather than popping pills.
My main ambition in life is to be a writer, one that becomes a household name, and if I can be permitted to reach a little higher than that, I would love to have one of my stories turned into a movie. Now that would really be the icing on the cake.
So that's me and I'm going to stop speaking now, for I have a tendancy to keep talking and that ability is better turned into writing I think. So that is what I shall do.
Hugz for now, Wendy.
1st July 2002.

PS: Click on the 'next' button for my 'Inspiration page' where from time to time I will jot down what inspired me to write various stories.