The Alpha and the Omega

A New York Zoo is under threat of closure until a new and exciting exhibit is discovered


Id like to give my sincere thanks to the following people and establishments who enabled me to write this story to the best of my ability since I had only minimal knowledge in American law.

The New York Criminal Jury Instructions Second Edition

Bricker & Eckler LLP Attorneys at Law
A reporters guide to legal and court terminology

Members of the Beauty and the Beast fan site Tunnel Dreams

Leaping Barriers in the Wild - (creating hybrids may be the only way to save some species) - A report by Mark Derr The New York Times - Thursday July 11th 2002.

Annie McGuire - my dear American friend who has helped me to iron out the hiccups within the terminology of American Law.

And thanks to all of you who have emailed offering suggestions for this story when it looked as though Vincent might stand trial for murder. I had never heard of Justifiable Homocide, and Vincent and I are truly indebted to the person that suggested its application.

The term Halcyon Days was derived from the need to create a zoo of peaceful disposition where its name alone would generate a feeling of well being for the animals in its care. And in this online edition of Alpha/Omega the name Halcyon Days Zoo replaces the name Central Park Zoo with effect from Part Six.

Other words meaning the same as halcyon are untroubled calm peaceful quiet still and heavenly.

Any names of characters or places found in this story that bear any resemblance to any other person or persons or to a place is purely coincidental and no offence or liability is intended.

Foremost, the term The Alpha and the Omega is the title given to Jehovah God by God himself and no blasphemy is intended in its use here upon Vincent. Rather the meaning behind the name Alpha and the Omega is used to signify that the fictional Vincent as well as the true Jehovah God are the first and the last the beginning and the end, and there will never be any other. But we should never lose sight of the fact that to all things we should give thanks to Jehovah God, for without him we would have nothing. In fact, without him we would simply not exist. (The Alpha and the Omega - Revelation 22 v 13.)

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